$199 PS3 This Year? Sony Puts The Pressure On Kinect And 360

1. Gears 3 Locust Campaign possible add-on
2. Brand New PS Move Footage proves accuracy
3. Mark Rein Is Aiming For The Ipad
4. HipHopRSS – Lil Kim Comes Back With Dr. Dre For Detox

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FanOfGaming3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

$199 PS3 around GT5 would shaft Kinect it would sell like crack and hot cakes. Kinect seriously wouldn't live. That would be a Microsoft maneuver but what goes around comes around.

I'll buy another PS3 for that price.

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I_find_it_funny3014d ago

You download this to your hdd, instead of watching online?

zeeshan3013d ago

A $199 PS3 this year? Yeah, that's as likely as Naughty Dogs going M$ exclusive! /s

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PCnPS3Gamer3014d ago

man this guy is so annoying like he actually thinks hip hop and video games i just love how he always dances around the points with his studdering and yo yo check it son....its like just shut ur ganster ass up and get straight to the news cause until u do im not wasting my time and patients trying to figure out what the fuck your talking about seriosly. when i want gameing news id rather have a nerdy guy with glasses sit there and tell me i dont needto be entertained . when it comes to gaming journalism professionalism is key. on topic ps3 at 199 with a 80gb hdd would be dope or 120 gb whatever works

nickjkl3014d ago

wait music and video games dont mix

something is wrong here

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dagreylion3014d ago


nickjkl3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

wait you started to not like a game because hip hop gamer was talking and then another video with 2 devs and one guy playing it you were like this game is cool

so im thinking

you dont like black people

Persistantthug3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

When you purposefully and intentionally clicked this story knowing what you were gonna get in the first place.

The only one wasting time here, as you said in 1.3, is you.

Obviously, you must like HIPHOPGAMER more than you know, PCnPS3Gamer.....apparently.

PS3istheshit3014d ago

hehehe not so tough with just 2 bubbles hmmmmmm??

Rainstorm813014d ago

Did you really type that??

Music and games mix no matter what kind i guess every game or show should have techno or rock music....."shut ur gangster ass up".....damn HHG is in a gang? is he a blood or crip? how many guns have he shot at actual people on the street? Your comment is highly ignorant & offensive.....and your bubbles are delicious. I guess Marcus from the PSP commercials is a gangster too??

I was a supporter of HHG but as his article/vidicles got more outrageous the less i payed attention. He knows what he is doing the sensationalist headlines make you want to click on them, Once i get to the comment section i turn in disgust to find out its a HHG story.

My problem is consistency and HHG just dosent have it. Give me EpicBattleCry anyday.

evrfighter3014d ago

I always click HHG links to laugh at the retards who defend this guy. Don't even remember the last time I gave his site a hit though :)

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silvacrest3014d ago

this is probably BS but if.....if its true, with a 199 PS3 and GT5 coming, it could actually overshadow all the motion BS thats about to drop

freezola753013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

and all you stupid ass f**kers on here talking that RACIST SHIT AGAIN... the same ol lame ol cats get up on here and talk shit about 1 of the most passionate men in gaming!! It's fine if you don't agree with his style or presentation.. even what he says. You guys don't realize just how stupid y'all sound! I can guarantee that if he was was an ofay you b****es would hail him as the greatest to ever do it... after all, y'all still lap up what Pachter says without hesitation. What has Pacther done to move the video game industry forward? What is his contribution again? Even if I disliked HHg I still can respect his passion. Half of y'all on here are closet f***in racist (not just vs blacks)! Y'all just hate to see anyone but Keighly or them other doodes show their passion for games..

Edit: Fuck your disagrees too. Learn to curve your racism and this shit won't happen..

Games4M - Rob3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Dude chill out, no-one is eveing mentioning Pachter so your little rant just makes it sound like you want to have an anti-pachter tantrum.

BTW - the phrase is "curb your racism" not "curve".

Darkstorn3014d ago

A $199 PS3 would beat out the Wii by the end of this gen, definitely.

commodore643014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

a $199 ps3 would send Sony bankrupt.

They have already lost $5 billion on the ps3.

They have only just started to break even on hardware at the $299 price.
Dropping the price again would be suicide.

Surely you don't want that?

freezola753013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

This is a comment for Games4M -Rob & sharif699 first for sharif: lol yes I am mad because it's childish that some of you guys act like this. I mean we can't disagree without insulting and retorting to ignorant ass comments because you don't like someone?? Plus if thats all u had to say to me about my comment then obviously you don't have clue my friend.

Games4M - Rob thanks for the grammatical correction, but no I don't want to have a anti Pachter tantrum. He sucks flat out- has zero passion for this shit I love called gaming, but Pachter tries too hard and has incorrect assumptions most of the time!

Be that as it may, I'm simply stating the obvious. I don't agree with some of what hhg says. But I don't always agree with Satterfield, Keighly and Sessler either. Still, I am not bombarding their comment forums with silly racial slurs and ignorant rhetoric.

Last week, if you were in G4 Tv's twitter chatroom during the Evo competition, there was so much racial hatred and misogynist talk in there, it was ridiculous. We're talking about games yall, watching ppl play SSF4 and because an Asian and a Black guy gets up there to play all this BS starts... then the ladies get up to play and even more BS starts... over games?????? C'mon Son doodes need to wise up.

Games4M - Rob3013d ago

I totally agree that Pachter is a cockroach but that has nothing to do with this discussion.

Its like saying "Why do you guys always insult HHG? Its not like he is as bad as Honda - selling cars with fuckin defective brakes man, they ought to be locked up for that shit!!!"

One thing has nothing to do with the other so all im saying is keep it on topic because otherwise you sound like a nutcase.

pimpmaster3014d ago


i read the title i was like 200$ ps3?!?! this has to be a hiphopgamer post. i clicked and yup, another one of these retarded hhg posts they pull out of their ass. sony just bearly started making money off the ps3 , thats not counting the dundreds of millions in the red from selling it at a loss for 4 years now, sony as a company is doing really bad , u really think there gonna lower it down to 200$ and start losing money off each ps3 sold again?.... seriously man, hhg is just retarded as hell.

dagreylion3014d ago


Omegasyde3014d ago

Please everyone report this story. Its not even listed as a rumor and has no evidence to back his claim.

Don't comment just report the story. He has no factual evidence to back his claims just like he thought Naughty Dog (creators of Uncharted) was going to do a 360 game.

freezola753012d ago

a nutcase for making a similar comparison?? you are ridiculous man. Pachter does NOT receive any of this racist ass banter that HHG receives!! What's off topic about that??? I am talking about the way you all get up here and say all this weak ass racist shit that you know you wouldn't say to the man's face! You know you wouldn't say it to any man outside of your ethnicity in fear of getting your shit wrecked! Closet racists again that was my point. I'm quite sure that Pachter doesn't get the same kind of shit said about him and he's wrong about shit more times than NOT! If HHG wasn't black this wouldn't be an issue so stop trying do damage control for these boys on here. If you can't disagree with an individual without retorting to this BS type of banter then you shouldn't even be allowed to partake in this conversation!

Imperator3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Or how about a $250 PS3 + GT5 bundle... That would be simply, epic. At $199 the PS3 would slaughter the 360 10x over. But honestly, the PS3 is selling very well and I doubt Sony will lower the price. If they do lower it, it'll probably be at next year's E3. Perhaps with another redesign.

crazyclown3014d ago

I would buy a 3rd ps3, one for every room why not!!!

mantisimo3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I like crab cakes!

Hip Hops fine and does get a few exclusives in the industry but speculates a lot too.

Take him with a pinch and its OK or don't bother listening.

Either way the worlds not gonna crack.

If the price rumour is true then I am made up as I want a second PS3.

sikbeta3014d ago

It's not going to happen, GT5+ bundles sales will skyrocket, as usual GT games not only deliver quality, also push millions in hardware, Win+Win situation here, a price-cut will come after the GT5 push get normalized, then Sony can lower the price, a PS3 @ $200 will be totally unstoppable....

jerethdagryphon3014d ago

beyond that 199 ps3 would make it very difficult for ms to sell at a lower price 199 will be about cost for a ps3

Lightsaber3014d ago

Its probably a move bundle for 199. sony said they finally are making money on the ps3 and will not lower the price anytime soon

otherZinc3014d ago

You're a racist idiot & N4G is some garbage if they don't ban you for a while. Why don't you listen to Rush Limbaugh & stay away from video games.

Having read what you wrote has made all that read that garbage dumber today.

And yes, I'm one of the eleven that disagreed with your comment.

oldjadedgamer3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I don't have a PS3 as money is tight. For 200$ I would def buy one.

Edit: How about we not bring politics into a gaming discussion as no one wins. (@otherzinc)

avengers19783013d ago

When HHG is the source don't believe it. I'll Wait till I hear sony say something to actually believe it, but if they do drop the price of the 120 gig to 199 then the 250 should only be 249, and that's a hell of deal right there.

FACTUAL evidence3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Continue to try to degrade black people like the plague? It's really annoying when white people consistently call a black person a "gangster" because of modern day slang. I just begin to think white people are more ignorant than blacks everyday I'm on the internet....sad really.

EDIT: LMAO! reading more through the's funny how these people reacts negatively to HHG, and takes the time to talk about how they don't want to hear slang, and rumors. LOL...I swear some people are sad cases.

Denethor_II3013d ago

HHG is clearly a drug dealer:)

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deadpool193014d ago

PlayStation Move can't come any sooner

tdogg060519913014d ago

Did he say it was I missed it. When did he say?

NYC_Gamer3014d ago

keep doing your thing HHG...

DelbertGrady3014d ago

Lying & acting like a retard?

cobraagent3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I have to disagree. He is not acting like a retard. He is one.
On topic: A 199$ PS3 won't happen since there is no need for it

silvacrest3014d ago


even if you have a PS3 and a price cut wont effect you (im assuming) im still betting their are people just waiting for a PS3 to hit that price before they jump on it

rezzah3014d ago

^ so I guess its a common thing to go around calling normal people retards now huh. So I guess you wouldnt mind if I call you a retard for saying something stupid right?

PressStartNow3014d ago

Haterade flows through this man's veins. He's just mad cause Punch-Out didn't come out on PS3.

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PHOSADRA3014d ago

The video is an hour long so I didn't watch it >.<

But I must say ps3 + $200= ^.^

duplissi3014d ago

id rather watch an hour of some sappy romance chick flick then watch hip hop gamer slap his hands together and point at the camera, and then for him to proceed to tell us about his "dawg" or "home boy"..... oh and that damn wwe belt...
i havent seen one of his videos in months.

spooky2053014d ago

i dont know about that chick flick. At least HHG talks about video games and isnt a effeminate teenage sparkly vampire with horrible dialogue and poor character development.....You know its a 50/50 for me. LOL.

PopEmUp3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I in the other rather watch 1hr of porn instead of this garbage I meant who wouldn't? JK q:

mantisimo3014d ago

You can get through a whole hour of porn?

You're my new hero.

about 2 and a half minutes is all I can last. ;)

Focker-4203014d ago

The videos are wayyyy to long. Its tolerable if he can get to the point but he rarely does. As for the price cut. I could see them dropping the 250 GB to $250 and the 120 GB to $200. They'll probably announce it at TGS.

tdogg060519913014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

but Sony is pricing move so high for the reason they want to make money. I dont see any price cut anytime soon.

Spenok3014d ago

Sony actually came out and said that Move was priced to be profitable. Which at the same time would "kind of" makes sence for price drop to get more people to buy PS3's and also in turn use the extra money to buy Move. I personally dont see it happening. Especially since Sony announced a $399.99 Move bundle already. Which would be odd if they dropped the price. (Granted they could just easily drop the price) It would be interesting for them to drop the price again only a year after dropping it before. I'd say it all depends on how profitable the PS3 currently is. If its only 10% then i doubt it. 50% i can maybe see it dropping, but i wouldnt know, i dont work for them. Everything depends on a lot of factors. IF they did drop it, it would be a HUGE deal. I would probably buy another one for my new games. My 60GB is starting to show its age. :)

tdogg060519913014d ago

Move doesn't sell well and the PS3 slim can't bode well with the competition. They might want to sell software over the hardware but that is one big IF. They are marketing for you man, now it's time for those loyal Sony fans to buy a new PS3 for their old one and even a new on for the household.

PressStartNow3014d ago

I predict a price cut by the holiday season. PS3 core unit 120 GB at $199 and PS3 w/ PS Move bundle at $299. It stands to reason that Sony would likely do this because of the Xbox 360 w/ Kinect bundle.