How Do We Conquer Gaming's Gender Divide?

Kombo: The gender imbalance in gaming is, to many, a tired and oft-discussed topic. Many people are already weary of discussing it. But UK games industry trade association TIGA recently uncovered statistics that show the gender disparity is even bigger than many think. They say that if the games industry aims to recruit a more diverse workforce, then more girls and women would be encouraged to study relevant courses at school and university.

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whateva3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Who is the Girl in the picture?


I see, She look good & she is smart she need me in her life!

-Mezzo-3040d ago

You sound so desperate.

SeanRL3040d ago

People like him are the reason for the gender divide.

whateva3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

what the hell is wrong with you people?

SeanRL3040d ago

Maybe you weren't trying to sound weird, but your wording came across as being weird. Anyways, I don't have a problem with girl gamers. Hell, I played one last night, we joked around, talked, just like playing with any other type of gamer.

Bobbykotickrulesz3040d ago

"How Do We Conquer Gaming's Gender Divide?"

Here's a better question: How do we care?

evrfighter3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Mmos and the sims have conquered this divide. It's actually annoying in mmos as chicks are commonly incompetent players. Slow and make crappy healers due to slow reflexes.

Sure u get the odd one out that knows what she's doing. But those are far and few between.

Spenok3039d ago

Lol he certainly does.

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bjornbear3040d ago


the divide is only present to people who treat girl gamers the way you do.

MiamiACR3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

When girls take pictures with this stupid face on, makes me want to pound her teeth in with a brick, not my cock. Although both could arguably do the same damage, a brick would be so much more satisfying, not only that a brick can't catch any diseases that this whore is no doubt carrying. Anyone else feel the same?

Darkstorn3040d ago

Wow, that's incredibly offensive...

Nugundam00793039d ago

Even though you called me a bitch in the last article for no reason-im inclined to agree-Some women online make it a POINT to make sure that every dude in the vicinity knows that a WOMAN is playing...why? because they crave the attention. We dont need those kind of women in gaming just like we dont need loud mouths like MiamiACR on N4G

Cheers mate.

jeeves863039d ago

I can tell by the comment that you're really not aware of how oral sex works, or the transmission of disease through said oral sex.

I think your mommy just made you a sandwich, meet her at the entrance to your cave.

Darkstorn3040d ago

Good read, but I think people are just approving this article because the thumbnail is of a hot girl :P

Yeah, I saw her blog. Interesting, to say the least.

bjornbear3040d ago

stop making a big deal out of it and writing tons of articles on it when all you have to do is treat all gamers the same - as brethren!

Prototype3040d ago

Logic isn't allowed on N4G, or you didn't get the memo?

angryjedi3040d ago

...the article isn't about gamers. It's about developers. 6.6% of UK games developers are female. That leaves an overwhelming proportion who are men. Why should that be?

Timesplitter143040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

In 50 years men and women will be the same. In the past, women were house wives and the only form of entertainment they had was to chat with other house wives. Over the years, this forged their cultural role and their personalities. Men were the writers, the movie directors, the explorers, etc... Men have always been interrested in that kind of stuff, but not women (in general, I mean).

But nowadays those differences are vanishing. Physical strength doesn't matter anymore and that's all you needed to have power back then. Everything is accessible to everyone now so slowly it will start becoming socially accepted to see women playing games. We just have to wait.

mrv3213040d ago

Just shut up about it, sure when there's a difference in laws and such then speak up( for example racism that was in U.S.A ). But when the prime difference if the mentality of people prehaps it's better just to shut up, they are no different and discussing it will never raise the true issues. Let them play, don't be surprised if they beat you, they are NO different.

angryjedi3040d ago

It's not about girl gamers. It's about the documented divide between male and female developers. In the UK, only 6.6% of game developers are female. Women have just as much to give to the games industry as men, but they're not. Why could that be?

Sprudling3039d ago

Men and women are different. That's a big part of the reason at least.

lzim3039d ago

Sprud, the point of the article is that in development there is no difference between a skilled male coder and a female. what they both offer is skill, opinions and intelligence. Which isn't something the companies are looking for. They just want mouth breathers who can do what they are told. That simply isn't an appealing career.

If anything the female coder will get harrasses and molested AND will want to speak up.

Which you just can't do. There is no having an opinion and speaking your mind when it comes to a multimillion dollar budget game that's headed straight to the bargain bin.

It is very hard to be passionate about a game and put your heart and soul into your little part of it, only to have asshole after asshole ruin everything, being the managers and publishers.

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