FX Game Center: Hulu On PS3 Impressions

Hulu Plus is now available on the PSN, but it’s currently only available for subscribers of PlayStation Plus. Many of you may be wondering what Hulu Plus is, Hulu Plus is a streaming service that offers television shows and movies from NBC, FOX, ABC, and a few other networks. Hulu Plus also allows you to view the entire backlog of TV shows like Family guy or X-Files

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Godmars2903040d ago

The one thing I cannot forgive Hulu for is blocking iPhone and PS3 browsers, then offering more content than what they currently do for a fee. From what I've seen of Hulu+ its better resolution, yet they had to be d*cks and block it months in advance while continuing to offer free content on PC.

SeanRL3040d ago

True, I would of rather just watched it with the browser.

Godmars2903040d ago

Its not that, its more about what Hulu is suppose to be yet how they're forcing another option.

Given what Hulu was on the PS3 and this newer iteration, a sub-SD and intermittent loading vs actual SD and HD with seamless loading, I would likely go with the latter.

Though the real topper is that they're charging a $1 than Netfilx and still giving you ads besides.

webeblazing3039d ago

i rather watch whatever dvd or bluray i dont buy online for free on a number of websites

Rainstorm813040d ago

I tried out the PS+ Hulu preview and its pretty good but, 9.99 monthly for tv shows, brings up the question .......Is it worth it?

phantomexe3040d ago

There no way i'm paying for hulu. I got PS plus about 2 weeks ago and i'm not that impressed buy it. PS plus fokes should get this free.

NecrumSlavery3040d ago

It sucks the preview(beta) is only to select people. I have PS+ and checked out the sample vids. The quality is great. But I need to see the list of channels movies and shows available before I cut off cable entirely. Hope crunchyroll and YouTube HD/3D gets app services on PS3 too. Should be under TV, not video...but US doesn't have that slo in our XMB.

atticus143040d ago

yeah sony should pay for my netflix and gamefly too, and maybe the electric bill since i have to pay it to use my ps3.

Spenok3040d ago

Lmao, wouldnt that be nice.

webeblazing3039d ago

i get paying for netflix or gamefly but hulu why would i do that

Syronicus3039d ago

It's hard to understand why anybody would pay for somethingthat should be free - henc why I can't understand the reasons for folks paying for Live so they can play games online.

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Playerz83040d ago

This is the Hulu Plus Preview Mode, which is only for PS+ members. The real Hulu Plus isn't out yet, and it'll be for everyone.

likedamaster3040d ago

"The streaming quality in comparison to Netflix seemed to be of a higher bit rate."

I seriously doubt that.

MAiKU3040d ago

Well compare and find out.

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