The BitBag: Video Game Warzone #93

On this weeks episode:

New James Bond game by Bizarre for Activision Blood Stone
EA event
Dead Space 2
Madden 11
Harry Potter
Majin The Fallen Realm
Time Crisis 4 Razing Storm

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OOG3067d ago

The game Enslaved sounds pretty interesting... cant wait to see what Ninja Theory does with the game because Heavenly Sword was pretty sweet... And well all I hear are good things about Dead Space... cant wait the systems are starting to hit their strides with a lot of awesome games coming out over the next year.

blusoops3067d ago

loved Heavenly Sword, and i'm interested in Enslaved as well as Vanquish. (those 2 are probably the only multiplats i buy this year). I'll give dead space a shot next year when it comes out, and i'll try extraction with the move.

DA_SHREDDER3067d ago

This podcast is getting more boring with every new episode. Which is crazy cause it used to be one of my favorites. OOG, you bout put me to sleep brah.

dkblackhawk503066d ago

You always say that...spam much? Great episode by the way.

Stationfan3066d ago

I'm about to download the podcast, the hipocracy of the show can get annoying. For instance When Hated Greatness is not interested in the topic.

He starts saying stuff why does anyone care or who cares only fanboys care about the topic. Like a negative nancy.

But when it comes on to talking about fighting tournaments he'll go on a fanboy rant for 1hours and if given the time would exceed it.

mac4u103066d ago

Bitbag staff are such fanboys.... dualshockers FTW!

RoX_TimE_BomB3066d ago

Fanboys of what? Basically all of them have every system..and play them... I dont really see where your coming from? Just because they may not share your opinion doesnt make people a fanboy.

mac4u103066d ago

Play games not system/services!

RoX_TimE_BomB3066d ago

I understand play games not systems... but services on the other hand is what helps make your game playing experiences even better...

Maybe your the biased one if you don't think services such as PSN/Xbox live are not there for the very purpose of bringing you a better gaming experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.