Canada 'a major threat' to UK video games industry

TIGA's Chief Executive Richard Wilson has revealed fears over Canada being "a major threat" to the UK video games industry, saying that "we're competing on a very uneven playing field" thanks to the recent scrap of the proposed government tax breaks.

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zootang3018d ago

They still get their talent form the UK. So if the UK continues to produce this talent wouldn't it be a threat to Canadians.

room4143018d ago

No. Canada has plenty of homegrown talent but the industry is huge here and we attract people from all over the world not just the UK.

3018d ago
Darkstorn3018d ago

This entire issue is bogus. The only reason we are discussing tax breaks is because publishers are whining about taxes being too high, all the while making enormous profits (look up fiscal quarter profits from each company over the last two years, the profit is astounding). We all know that publishers are greedy, but this is unprecedented - actually threatening to move their operations unless the government hands over MORE money to fill their overflowing coffers.

This is the kind of corporate bullshit that has made the U.S. such an economic pigsty. Shame on publishers for demanding ever more money for their services. Demand for tax breaks should NEVER get in the way of making good games.

RedDragan3017d ago

@ bringitson

It was not the UK's decision, it was the Conservatives decision. Labour created the Tax Break and it was generally applauded around the country when people found out the reason they got the tax break.

The UK wanted the tax break to remain, but obviously not the Conservatives because that is what Conservatives do... bleed everything dry except the super rich people.

Shame the Conservatives don't realise that more tax money will be lost by this as the companies start packing their bags and leave.

BattleAxe3017d ago

Here in Vancouver we have 13 developers, and hopefully more in the future.

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Baka-akaB3018d ago

EA sports and EA canada would like a word with you

maxcer3018d ago

you sure about that? there are lots of great video game development schools here. and considering thousands of people immigrate to canada every year its no wonder why you think the "talent" is leaving. hell, if i lived in the UK i would consider moving here too.

zootang3018d ago

Grand Theft Auto, Timesplitters, Fable, Little Big Planet, Burnout Series and many, many more games that were made in the UK.

Why would anyone want to move to Canada......

Tax Breaks???

kneon3018d ago

Highest ranking US city is Honolulu at 31, Canada has 5 cities ahead of that including Vancouver at #4. The UK had one city in the top 50, London at #39

Montrealien3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

hey Zootang, what is your problem with Canada? And yes, tax breaks is a huge reason ti move your company.

btw, Rockstar was founded in New York, you are aware of that right? Grand Theft Auto is not made in the UK.

BBCnewsrocks3018d ago

Just 'cause R8 HQ is in NY doesn't mean GTA is made there. GTA is made in R*North which is in scotland.

zootang3018d ago


Dave Jones the series creator is British, The Houser brothers? British. More investment in Britain would result in better games for us all. I just see money hungry studios not wanting to pay their due's

Darkstorn3018d ago


I thought the highest ranked U.S. cities (in terms of standard of living) were Portland, Oregon and San Francisco. I guess Honolulu isn't a bad place to live after all.

SixZeroFour3018d ago

the video games industry (even movies industry) is getting bigger here in vancouver canada...a lot of places to take game design courses...and 2 ea studios (took a tour at the burnaby one, huge place) and rockstar north are here too

kneon3017d ago


"Standard of living" is not the same thing as "Quality of Life". It's just one factor in determining the quality if life.

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infekt3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Dude. You should see the Canadian Universities throw money into game development. So the home-grown talent is plenty. Canadians are going to be second only to the US soon. Game development and the industry has blown up in the last decade in Canada.

plumber153018d ago

my city (LONDON Ontario Canada ) alone put 5 million into the game industry and still looking to put more into it we roughly have about 325000 people in our city this not only good for my city but for the game industry as whole because now the industry is getting the regonition it needs to produce better games

ForROME3016d ago

Zootang, every post your in, you come off as a bigger fool than last which doesnt seem possible, but some how you one up yourself over and over

The amount of disagrees you seem to get everytime, seems to back up the my conclusion you dont know what your talking about as usual

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ReBurn3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Sounds like the UK is at risk of losing their talent pool if they don't make changes to compete with Canada. It wouldn't be the first time a country lost industry by failing to make it economically feasible to do business there.

And as far as producing talent, there's a difference between producing it and keeping it.

zootang3018d ago

As long as it keeps getting produced, I couldn't care less where it ends up.

Montrealien3018d ago

Well Zootang, I guess here in Canada, the talent is produced, and it stays here. win win for us. :)

Eamon3018d ago

hah, I just watched a report on this on the Politics Show today.

ShiNe-Box-3018d ago

Canadians getting free DLC with their free health-care!? o_0

Seriously though, it'd be pretty weird seeing "Is Canada About to Overtake Japan" articles being written 10 years from now.

Montrealien3018d ago

Ironical, England has free health care.

Spenok3017d ago

I have to say i wouldnt mind free DLC lol.

Alos883018d ago

Why Canada? It feels like a pretty random choice for comparison.

AlienFodder3018d ago

Oh, I don't know... Maybe because we've been producing some of the best AAA titles in the gaming industry over the past few years?

hoops3018d ago

Canada has been producing some of the best games this generation. Especially out of Vancouver and especially Montreal. Thats why Canada LOL

Alos883018d ago

Wow, overly defensive much? I just felt it was a random country to choose for a comparison, I didn't mean to disrespect you or your devs.

hoops3018d ago

I am just pulling your chain mate. LOL

iceman29293017d ago

Edmonton should be added to that list. Bioware. ( im from calgary sooooo this is a rare event, offering props to edmonton...)

infekt3017d ago

Haha. I feel your pain. ;)

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