Is video game piracy ever ok?

Sudogamers take on why video game piracy is so widespread, and why it is (almost) understandable with the state of current DRM / install issues plaguing the Honest Gamer.

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Yi-Long3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

... many of us became a gamer at an age where we couldn't afford to buy every game that looked interesting. Piracy helped us discover new genre's, new games, etc, and now we are older and CAN afford to spend money on our hobbies, and we do.

...and now newer younger generations are discovering a love for videogames. They get a DS with an R4 card from their parents, or a modded PSP, and get to play all the games they want. In 10 years time, they'll all be making money, and many of them who have become a 'gamer' because of that DS or PSP, will spend their money on new consoles, games, controllers, and buying their favourite classics from their youth on PSN or XBLA!

mikeslemonade3376d ago

It's okay to pirate Nintendo products. They make enough money as it is. I hate giving my money to Nintendo.

Bereaver3376d ago

The only really absolutely fair positively re-enforcing way of any pirating that comes to mind is if the game hasn't came out yet, and you will absolutely buy it day one no matter how far you get in it.

Perjoss3376d ago

I usually download nintendo DS games as they are quite expensive and there are no demos, if I play the game for more than a few mins and enjoy it I will buy it.

I also pirate a game SOMETIMES if I already own it on another platform, Like I bought puzzle quest on XBL but I like to play it on the move sometimes so i didn't pay for the PSP version as I have already bought a copy of the game, its not like I can play both versions at the same time.

I own multiple versions of Fallout 3, Bioshock 2 and GTA4, sometimes I don't mind paying for a game I already own, Its nice to compare and see for myself how games look on PC, 360 or PS3.

On a side note I very rarely trade in games, I'm one of the few that thinks 2nd hand game trading is terrible.

DigitalAnalog3376d ago


It's okay to pirate Activision products. They make enough money as it is. I hate giving my money to Activision.

-End statement

rroded3376d ago

n have to hunt down the crack version so it plays right...

companies that make good games make money especially wwhen they dont bog it down with usless drm jus look at oblivion XD

Perjoss3376d ago

I remember when Farcry 2 came out on PC, I was quite looking forward to it, went to the shop on release day, bought my copy and rushed home to play it. Activate servers were down for most of the day so I could not play it. Because I was anxious to play I pretty much sat there most of the day trying to get the game activated.

Called up my friend to ask if he had the same problem and his reply: "I downloaded the game over a week ago, I'm able to play it fine, you didn't BUY it did you??"


Theo11303376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

You either trade or borrow games and systems from friends. Also how do you think EB game/gamestop makes so much money. You trade games until you aren't in that position, where you can buy games without having to trade in games.

On the topic, it is only ok to pirate games, talking about Pc specifically; when the game is not available digitally. There are so many options like steam, impulse, and d2d. I don't pirate games, but when fear was not on steam, i pirated it, until a couple of months ago they finally brought it to steam, then I bought it.

pwnzter3376d ago ShowReplies(3)
phinch3376d ago

interested in consoles at a young age 8-16 they can go steal what they want and pay back later on in life when it suits them to maybe ease his mind?

what if a small gaming company goes out of business because they didn't sell enough to break even or make a profit and it was a shame because it was a really good game... but plenty of people had the game they just pirated (stole) it...... but its ok right? there just kids and they can pay the company back when there older..... its so fucked up that people think like that!

Yi-Long3376d ago

... because a bunch of 6 year olds can't afford their games and have downloaded it instead, they clearly haven't made a very good game.

It's very simple: quality sells!* Just look at DVD's. Downloading a movies is as easy as taking a piss, yet DVD's still sell extremely well. Why!? because people deem the product to be worth the money.

ALL of the people!? No, ofcourse not. There will always be people who will choose to download something if it means saving a few bucks, even if the product is clearly worth the money. So be it.

However, downloading also means more people will give your product a try, thus meaning you'll reach a far larger audience, and if your product is good, many of those people will decide they actually want tospend some money on it and buy the original, or give it as a gift to a friend.

Just look at the success of manga and anime in the west. That wouldn't have been close to possible if it hadn't been for fansubs!

*= providing the product also gets the right marketing, so the audience is made aware of the product and quality. Ofcourse.

BTW, imagine this. A kid gets a Nintendo DS. His father tells him to choose 1 game. It's his birthday gift. Kid chooses Cars, cause he loves the Pixar movie. Kid plays Cars, finds out it's absolutely HORRIBLE, tosses his DS in a corner cause there's nothing fun to play on it, and next time he gets to choose a present, he'll just choose LEGO again, cause clearly games and 'gaming' are crap, according to his one experience with a shitty game!

Now imagine what would have happened if he would have had a DS with an R4, and alongside CARS he would have been able to discover Mario, Zelda, Tetris, Dragon Ball, whatever....!? You'd have a gamer for life. Next time, he might want a PS3, or a 360, or he's psyched about the new 3DS!

This is not a black/white issue. Many of US only became gamers because we tried out many different games because we could through piracy. I know I still think back with great tove to the old days with my C64 and Amiga. It made me buy a megadrive and all the games I bought for that were original. I still buy all my home-console games original!

Also, many of today's developers discovered their love for gaming through playing copied games. I remember an interview witu Tim Shafer where he had a jobinterview at Lucasarts and mentioned how he loved ...* ("insert name of the illegal version of a Lucasarts game).

It's all about discovery. Discovering the stuff you find worthy of loving, and spending your money on it. It goes for everything. Not just games, but also music, movies, TV-series, etc etc.

People here need to think beyond the box. Think past the one-liners. Think about the long-run. Think about those kids today who are able to discover gaming, and discovering they LOVE it.

phinch3376d ago

I was a kid too once, and on the ps1 when i wanted to try a new game, I bought a magazine for about £3:99 and played about 10 demos games and watched a further 5-6 trailers. I found out what 10 games were like legally and with honesty.... you can't justify stealing Yi long end of, if you can't afford your hobby stealing is not the answer, especially when its cheap enough to buy demo's im sure they still make them now with magazines

sandip7873376d ago

having a shit over pirating games, how many of you have illegally downloaded music? its the same arguement. now im not condoning piracy, but dont have a go at others when you're not exactly perfect yourself!

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sudogamer3376d ago

Fair point, and a 'pay-what-you-can' model would accommodate the 'younger generation' to be able to play the games (without pirating) but still deliver the sales figures?

Thanks for reading

Timesplitter143376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

unless it's an Activision game. But then again who would want one?

PimpHandHappy3376d ago

is it ok if i take gas from your car because im on empty? Or how about i take food from your fridge because im hungry?

Your taking money from others when you pirate a game and for the most part the ppl making these games are not rich and are working MAD hours

Charmers3376d ago

Those are ridiculous analogies, for a starters if you steal someone's petrol from their car you are depriving them of that petrol, if you steal food from their fridge you are depriving them of the food.

With piracy you never deprive them of the ability to sell their game, you make a COPY of it. Now I am not defending piracy one bit but I get sick and tired of people trying to equate piracy to stealing.

How about the other side though ? If I buy a PC game, take it home and install it to my PC and find the game is virtually unplayable even though my machine meets the recommended specs what am I to do ? I can't get a refund because I have opened the packaging. Now in my view that is theft, a company has stolen my money and refused to supply the product.

Both sides are guilty of "less than honest" practices here. I don't think the software industry can scream "oh oh we are the victim" their methods and practices in many ways encourage piracy. I would suggest they clear up their own house first before they start criticising others.

Again I do not support or condone piracy, I am a PC gamer and I would never resort to piracy to play games. But in my view at the moment from where I am sitting I am not actually sure who the crooks are. Is it the pirates or the game companies ?

sudogamer3376d ago

PimpHandHappy - I think you're missing the point.
In your analogy, then the scenario would be that I take food from your fridge because the only other option to be purchase it from a shop 100 miles away.

If you made it easier / cheaper / more convenient for me to purchase food, I wouldn't be inclined to steal it from you.

PotNoodle3376d ago

Haha, i love that. It isn't their duty to make it easier to buy their product. Of course they should, but it is their property and they can do with it as they wish.

It is their product, you have absolutely no right at all to take it without paying for a license/copy regardless of your reasons. It isn't yours to take.

As for the PC thing, developers give sufficient system requirements. If you don't read them, it is your fault.

Charmers3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

@ DeathroW22 - I am sorry did you just say "developers give sufficient system requirements" ? That is a load of rubbish. The system requirements 9 times out of 10 mean diddly squat. A classic example is GTA 4 with a minimum requirement of a Dual core and 7900. In reality the game barely worked on that minimum requirement and had horrendous graphical glitches (hell you didn't even have any car damage).

In other words Rockstar LIED about the system requirements to make more sales and once they have your money there is sod all you can do if you are a PC gamer because shops won't take back opened games.

Now I am fortunate I have a quad with a GTX260 and pretty much most games will play with no problem. However I was merely highlighting that there are dishonest practices on both sides.

If developers expect people to clean up their act then they better do a bit of house keeping as well.

mantisimo3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

You say games are not always able to run on the specs promised?

Then buy a console or a better PC or take it back and get a game that does, If I bought 10 games and 9 didn't work maybe that would tell me something?

These are not reasons to steal somebody elses intellectual property.

Charmers3376d ago

@ mantisimo - if you had bothered to read my comments you will notice I do not have a problem because I have a pretty decent PC. You will have also noticed I do not endorse or condone piracy I think it is a disgusting practice.

You seem to have totally missed my point, whilst I do not condone piracy I don't condone a lot of practices that sofware companies do either. Yes piracy is wrong but then so are a lot of things software companies do.

But what is the point of trying to argue this, as soon as any one mentions piracy out come the "oh it's bad mmkay piracy is bad don't do it". Yes piracy is wrong but then so are a lot of practices software developers and publishers do as well but hey lets not talk about them shall we.

ThanatosDMC3376d ago

This is why DRM protections was created.

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Megaton3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

I don't pirate games (movies and music are another story entirely), but yeah...

NYC_Gamer3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

well i'm the wrong one to bash piracy because i used to download tons of music..