Logitech Z506 Speakers Launched

People looking for more quality sound compliment for their gaming and media needs may just get that thanks to these new surround sound speakers announced by Logitech.

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DigitalAnalog3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

And the experience is MINDBLOWING.

-End statement

RedDragan3103d ago

I'll stick with my real surround system that has a 1000W amp, 8 speakers incl. subwoofer, HDMI repeater ports, microphone auto-tune and is DTS-HD/Dolby HD compliant thank you.

-End discussion

RedDragan3103d ago

LOL at the disagrees. You keep your little system and I will keep the real thing.

Cregan45843103d ago

I'm one of the disagrees. How much was your system? If it was 100 or less, then go ahead and brag. But, for those that only have a low amount to spend then these will work great. My system slaughters what you have but I'm not chiming like a douche.

UltraNova3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Hate to brag but I m very proud of my Onkyo HT-S9100THX!

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tdogchristy903103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I have a pair of these Altec Lansings (see image below), I got them 4-5 years ago and they are LOVELY!!!! I recently got the family a pair for the living room and that pair has always kind of cut out during certain sharp sounds, it's probably a defect.

My question would be, would it be worth it to upgrade to these logitechs? My altecs are AMAZING so would these Lgitechs live up to it?

If so I'd just give the family my old altecs to replace the defaulty ones.

S_C3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Might Get Them Later On In The Year

OOG3103d ago

I love Logitech speakers... I still rock my Z2300's and they sound great... and LOUD lol

SKUD3103d ago

Same here. I've own this model for about 4 years and have never had a problem with them and can still shake the windows in my living room. I need to buy a spare before Logitech stop making them.

Solbadguy3103d ago

I got the Z-5500 for my consoles and a Z-2300 for my PC, they both are really great. I hope they make the next step of the Z-5500 that supports HDMI.

megacheak3103d ago

Also pleased with the speakers from Logitech. I have been using Z-5450 for several years, the sound quality is very good. Also they are very loud, only in rare cases, listen to their higher than half the volume. It is a pity of course that there is no HDMI, but the two optical and one coaxial plug is enough for 5.1 channel systems.

scofios3103d ago

Same here i have the z5500 and like you i hope theye make the next one wtih HDMI and 7.1

wicko3103d ago

Been waiting for those to go on sale again, they were once down to 200, but sitting at >400 right now.

Cregan45843103d ago

Z-5500 are my computer setup and by far one of the greatest purchases ever made and I have never heard one complaint about them. Logitech makes great systems and I am sure this one if no different.

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