VGchartz Review - Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Episode 2

Stephen kelley from Vgchartz writes: "As with the first game, Doctor Who – The Adventure games. Episode 2: Blood of the Cybermen is a great game for the price. The game is only a few hours long, but that helps pace the game out so that it's like an interactive episode of the show."

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Darkstorn4524d ago

Big fan of Doctor Who here (one of the few in the U.S.), but these games are supposed to be pretty mind-numbing.

Also, this link doesn't go to a review. There's no review text on the page.

O-D-C4524d ago

Another good review from the chartz

Redempteur4523d ago

nice review i quit at the end of act 2 of the first game because while it was fine it missed a "who" vibe ..
those problem seems to have been corrected so i'll gladly enjoy this game too