The Pros and Cons of a Peace Walker Port

When Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was announced, the MGS fanbase was shocked to learn that Kojima's latest entry in the series was being developed as a PSP exclusive. Rather than utilize the jaw-dropping PS3 engine developed for MGS4, this direct sequel to Snake Eater would require die-hard holdouts to finally purchase a PSP. Since then, rumors of a PS3 port have run rampant, and though there would be some drawbacks to creating a quick port, there are equally good reasons that gamers would benefit from such a decision.

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Forbidden_Darkness3018d ago

Let me paint this picture clearly:

It's not going to happen.

DJ3018d ago

Want to bet money on that?

JoySticksFTW3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

If there's only one complaint about Peace Walker, it may be struggling with the PSP control schemes.

I was expecting a smoother transition after GoW:CoP nailed (and some would say even improved upon) the GoWII control scheme.

PW offers a "MG4-esque" button layout. But let's face it, it's not the same buttery smooth controls of that game without the extra shoulder buttons and the analog stick.

Great game, but one that I personally feel would have benefited as a PSP2 launch title. That would have been insane!

sikbeta3018d ago

Pros and cons of MGS:PW port:


It's a MGS Game



Bring it On!!!!

Darkstorn3018d ago

I'd like to see a port.

Bobbykotickrulesz3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Forbidden Darkness is such a moron lol.

You have no idea what you're talking about for one thing. You're just pissed off because you bought it for PSP and don't want anyone else that doesn't own a PSP to enjoy it.

Here's a quote almost word for word from some other d-bag just like you, only in a different article: "if your a true MGS fan you'd buy this game for psp and you would never care if it came to the PS3"

Nicaragua3018d ago

Your the one who sounds pissed off because you dont have a PSP.

But seriously to anyone who thinks Peace Walker should be on the PS3 then you havent played it because if you had you would know that it would be lame as fuck on the PS3. The game is completely built around being a portable game, so it works great on the PSP with tiny little sections linked together by loading screens - but even if you joined all the sections of one level together then they would be miniscule compared to one of MGS4 massive open stages. To make this a game worth playing on the PS3 then it would have to be remastered and expanded upon so much that it might as well be a completely different game.

Peace Walker is a great metal gear game and its a great portable game but its not even in the same league as MGS4, sof forget about Peace Walker being on the PS3 and just wait for MGS5

raztad3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )


I guess that d-bag is me, but to be fair I just said: "if your a true MGS fan you'd buy this game for psp", and I totally support that idea. A true fan buy the game where the game is, you dont sit hoping developers port the game for your platform of choice, or do you? in the hypothetical case PW was meant to be a DS game would you wait for a PS3 port as well?

You know dude, I'm totally sorry you cant enjoy this game, for whatever the reason is. It's portable game in every sense. Most of the stuff where the game excels is associated to Mother Base/micromanagment. Even if game is eventually ported it would need to be heavily modified in its mechanics.

Well again, sorry to be you and not having a PSP. I heart both my PS3/PSP and their games. Waiting for the next project from Kojima and totally hoping it is not just a port of a game I already played.

And the last thing: People around here need to understand the PSP is also a Sony platform and Sony cares for it. Sony wants as many exclusive games as possible on PSP, it does need some love and appreciation western-side. Porting its games to the PS3 would be like killing the handheld.

Next game incoming VC2.

Spenok3017d ago

Your probably right. Which is a shame. This game was fantastic. I would buy it again just to play it with a controller, and online.

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s0ph1atr0n3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

But I'd prefer it. I don't really use my PSP all that much. A PS3 version would be better.

George Sears3018d ago

It will not happen. This is a Kojima game hence him porting this one would take years to do so since he would want it to be just as great as MGS4/Rising quality in graphics while retaining it's own unique charm.

Besides, him porting something relatively new is just a waste of this guys talent. Let him work with something new. Don't like PSP? Boohoo

DJ3018d ago

Spend years doing a port, but Konami definitely wouldn't. They'd probably give his team 12 months to get it done, which is plenty of time if they take the "PS2 in HD" route. With proper planning and budgeting, I'm sure it could be pulled off.

Hell, the God of War Collection was completed within just 3 months, and not even by the original development crew.

Game-ur3018d ago

Remember Twin Snakes on GameCube? Porting it was out sourced to a western company, so it's possible the same could happen with PW.

George Sears3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

This is true but on the eyes of fans and myself included The Twin Snakes was bad compared to the original. Uninspired voice overs, over the top ridiculous cutscenes, copy paste locations that at times made the games new MGS2 features meaningless, easier boss battles (even completely ruining Ocelots awesome boss fight) thanks to FP view.

Going back to the voiceovers, did you compare how horrible they sound compared to the original? Naomi lost her British accent, Raven was just horrendous for he lost his accent aswell. One of the most epic parts of MGS history, the death of Sniper Wolf and the speech that followed was horribly changed.

In general remakes are never in favor of the original. That is why I just prefer for a classic to just stay true to its title.

I mean seriously Snake riding a goddam missile? That was fucked up.

asyouburn3018d ago

i agree with you about the voice overs, but i thought Ryuhei Kitamura's over the top cutscenes was a highlight. original was definately better, though

PlayStation X3018d ago

id pick a ps3 version of peace walker over rising anyday, raiden sucks

J-Smith3018d ago

why not? excellent games MGS are & MGS:Rising i am not to bothered about really, no snake? no thanks.


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