Game Informer chooses the top 50 games of E3 2010

Game Informer has ranked the top 50 games of E3 in their latest issue. Find of which title came out on top and which other games made the list.

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GamingForever3108d ago

Glad to see Zelda up there in the top 3..

-Mezzo-3108d ago

Can't argue Zelda deserves to be there. Got Infamous 2 right though i would swap Mortal Kombat with Killzone 3, it's criminal to rate that game that down on the list.

demonddel3108d ago

how you know was you there im sure they was

Krimmson3108d ago

GameInformer always (and I mean ALWAYS) go crazy for Mortal Kombat. Seeing it so high up isn't surprising not only because the game seems to be making a huge comeback, but also because GI just love Mortal Kombat.

They even gave Deception a 9.5! That game was barely even passable in my opinion and GI gave it a 9.5!

Forbidden_Darkness3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Yeah, zelda is awesome, they just didnt have a good showing at E3 is all.

Homefront? Honestly? Wow...

Bulletstorm #6, what the f&$% are they smoking?

BuIIetproofish_3108d ago

Really? You're saying the E3 demo(all we've seen) wasn't that great but the game is? Sure is blind fanboy in here. I'm not saying the game will be bad, its just people like this that make me unable to stand Nintendo anymore.

Imperator3108d ago

Bulletstorm looked like a lot of fun. Definitely one of the highlights of E3.

Forbidden_Darkness3108d ago

@Bulletproofish: All zelda games have turned out and thats what i expect from Skyward Sword and nothing less. So far Nintendo hasn't let us down.

Are you calling me a Nintendo fanboy? Because if you look at past comments, im a PS3 fanboy and i don't even own a Wii anymore. I've loved ever Zelda game i've played, but it is one of a very few franchises that i play on Nintendo systems

NecrumSlavery3108d ago

The last truly great Zelda game was Wind Waker. Skyward Sword wasn't graphically nice by any means, no unique art style at all. The controls weren't working, and it just looked average. Zelda games always took risks and creative direction, but any more...I dunno.

Sequels in the top 10 is showing a lack of interst in new ips. Bulletstorm is only néw ip in top 10? Why is that? It's another shooter. Looks good but, come on people, let's open our minds. Epic Mickey should be up there, it's a fresh new amazing ip with greater thought than most of this list. Can't give free passes to apease the fanbase.

Oh and where is Sorcery?

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PSfan093108d ago

1. kz3
2. gt5
3. everything else

Kingdom Come3108d ago

Theirs isn't biased due to Fanboyism, and they've played the games. Having played Killzone 2, I can see a lot of people blinded by the graphics that can't see just how generic and unoriginal the gameplay is. GT5 should be great though...

morganfell3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

It sounds more like you are talking about Bulletstorm. It's a generic fps title with a few game mechanics tossed in. I like Epic but they are beginning to look like a one trick pony.

And anyone that says KZ2 is generic hasn't played the game and certainly never even investigated the multiplayer.

The idea that if you select a PS3 title as best of show then you are a fanboy is absurd.

Tachyon_Nova3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

@ Morgan - I still have no idea what was so original about Killzone 2, can someone explain? It had generic guns, enemies, level design, multiplayer as far as I was concerned, but please explain what set it apart, and don't mention the unrealistically stiff controls, Operation Flashpoint did stiff controls years ago, only there's were realistically so.

OT - What is with rating Kirbys epic yarn 8 places above Fable 3, 21 places above Crysis 2 and 24 places above GT 5. Fail list is Fail.

skwidd3108d ago

"I can see a lot of people blinded by the graphics that can't see just how generic and unoriginal the gameplay is. GT5 should be great though..."

So killzone is generic and GT5 is not? I'm confused :s

iFLOWLIKEWATER3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

he test I use for asking if a game is average and generic goes like this. Take a game like Gears and imagine it being multiplat. There isn't a doubt in my mind that it would sell a shitload of copies. Now take a game like Killzone and put it in the same scenario. The game wouldn't sale... It wouldn't even sale the same number that Gears does being exclusive. There isn't anything about that game that speaks...unique or groundbreaking. If you want to throw 3D into the mix, I can point you to Crysis 2, which will also be able to do this.

Anyway, I have this GI issue sitting in front of me. It's a decent list I guess. I don't know why INfamous 2 is so high up there but I guess they saw something with the game to deserve it. I think they're using the same tech they used for their top 200 games issue that came out a while back.

Folezicle3108d ago

Thats beside the point, it's the idea that PSfan09 (who by title is a fan-boy) picks 2 exclusives, and then puts everything else like as if no one cared. Regardless i look forward to Child of Eden, Xcom, Deus Ex, Little Big Planet 2, Gran Tursimo 5, Goldeneye on the Wii, Forza 4 (I like the whole looking around and opening the cars with kinect. Although it would be nicer if you could use the controller to steer, instead of the controller. A nice mix would be the ability to change your view in the car by kinect picking up your head movement and then being able to control the car with the controller) and IloMilo (yes barely anyone knows about what looks like a great game.)

As for Fable III still not sure yet

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Pandemic3108d ago

Gran Turismo 5 as #35 on the list?

Should have been in the top 10

demonddel3108d ago

how you know did you play it

Imperator3108d ago

Why exactly is KZ3 so low on that list? This list is really, really weird and messed up.

DelbertGrady3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Perhaps because it's not that impressive to people who are not PS3 fanboys?

Bobbykotickrulesz3108d ago

What's not impressive about it?

What makes Halo:Reach better than Killzone 3? Good luck finding an answer to that question.

MORGiON3108d ago

Thats an easy answer for Soda. It has Halo in the name so its automatically the best.

Tachyon_Nova3108d ago

@ Morgion - So what's so good about Killzone 3? You see how easy it is go turn fanboy arguments back on yourself? Halo is popular because it has a comprehensive multiplayer that is accesible by still with competitive options. It is , for most people, although admittedly not me, a fun game.

Halo is popular for the same reasons as CoD, it has fast passed gameplay which anyone can just jump in and play. It is beyond me why so many people bash Call of Duty. I have spent ~ 150 hours on MW2, and still find it enjoyable, yet after less than 10 hours of KZ2 and UC2 I found myself bored. I can hear your thoughts already, thinking to yourself that I just got owned by the perfect killing machines that are PS3 fanboys, far from it. I went back to UC2 for a short stint the other week, and there is no competitive community what so ever. First game back after 6 months of FPS and racers and I was able to win with ease, same case wit all subsequent rounds.

Sarevok3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )


nice troll skills.

I happen to disagree with you.
Killzone 2's mp was all about team work.
if your team was stupid you're going to lose 1-6 most of the time.

Now whats MW2 like? there is no team work no battle plans nothing! even in team death match your team mates will not help ya at all. they all run off to get the #1 spot at the end of the match.

And that's why I happen to like killzone more then cod.You have to use your head and think not run and gun like rambo or camp for kills.

The Maxx3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

@ Imperator

" This list is really, really weird and messed up "
- Tell me about it. Infamous 2 @ 4th....that game should be somewhere between Homefront and Journey.

@ Sarevok

" Killzone 2's mp was all about team work. "

- LOL no it's not. I go in and NOBODY is using Mic's so everyone is just running and gunner the whole time. There is no teamwork and I have won most of my games on teams that had ZERO teamwork. I wouldn't say Halo is all about the team work but Halo has some game modes where teamwork is very important. KZ2 not so much.

Sarevok3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

@The Maxx

Your past comments show you to be nothing more then a xbot.

so forgive me if I don't give a crap what you say =D

p.s you don't needs mics you can tell your team mates where to go via tactician.+ if team work does not matter in kz2 could you take me in a 2-1 match?

SuperM3108d ago

Halo Reach multiplayer wasnt shown off at E3 so its multiplayer should have nothing to do with its E3 score. This list certainly has alot of wierd choices like these lists always does. If you were to set up this list after what review scores these games would get then it would look totally different.

Personally im really dissappointed with where they put motorstorm apocalypse on the list. For me that was one of the absolute best games of the show, but unfortunately it didnt get alot of attention. People will get their eyes up for it eventually though. But im gonna be annoyed when i hear people say, "oh when i first saw motorstorm apocalypse i didnt think much of it but now its one of the games im most excited about" That happens to so many games and it always make me facepalm, because the game always looked good. Some people just fail to realize.

Christopher3108d ago

Screw KZ3, why the f*** is The Witcher 2 so low on that list?

The Maxx3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

@ Sarevok

"so forgive me if I don't give a crap what you say =D "

Regardless if you give a crap or not of what I say, it doesn't mean that what I say is False. XP

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lonix3108d ago

Gt5 deserves alot better than 35

Christopher3108d ago

Nah, it's been at how many E3s so far and still isn't released? People are tired of waiting and are liking the new stuff they've seen more than waiting on the delivery of GT5. At least we now have a release date.

solar3107d ago

Portal 2, another Valve game at the top of another list. cant wait and very disappointed P2 was delayed til next year. :(

Spenok3107d ago

Zelda does deserve it. I simply cant wait for this game.

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Blaze9293108d ago

"5. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood"
Lolwut? Weird list indeed

Tachyon_Nova3108d ago

What's wrong with that? Assassins 2 was an astonishingly good game, I see no reason why brotherhood won't be good. All previews I've seen have praised it. So why doesn't it deserve 5th place?

OutgoingSquall3108d ago

1. The fight lights out ( I really want this game I'm kinda a casual at heart)
2. Little big planet 2
3. Dbz fighting game for the psp

Lord_Doggington3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Killzone 2 allllllll the way down at Twenty...

Johnny_Bravo3108d ago

Killzone 2 isn't on that list.....Killzone 3 is, but even then Fable 3 beat it out by one spot.

Sarevok3108d ago

Fable is trash... I beat the first one like a week ago.

A 5 year old could beat that game!
People were telling me how awesome it is.
Nothing in that game could kill me it was so boring.

If fable 2 and 3 are like 1 I will skip em.

Johnny_Bravo3108d ago

Fable was trash because you found it easy and boring? It must be doing something right to outsell Uncharted 2. I found Uncharted 2 to be very easy and boring, does that make it trash? No, that makes it not the game for me.