Massively: Still Clicking: Our Exclusive interview with the Mythos Dev Team

Considering Mythos' stormy post-Flagship past and its relatively low profile over the past half year, Massively was pleased to see the team at Redbana unveil a website revamp last month, complete with a slew of vibrant new screenshots to tease the upcoming closed beta. The infrastructure revealed in the images suggests that the game has come a long way since they last checked in with the team; although many players might once have pigeon-holed Mythos as "just another Diablo clone," it's now maturing into a hybrid MMORPG that seems to have as much in common with Blizzard's other fantasy game as with the click-fests of yesteryear.

Curious, they commandeered the team at Redbana in order to ask about the progress of the game.

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