Top 5 games for the PSP

Yahoo have listed their top 5 games for the Playstation portable. You can view the complete list after the jump.

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PoSTedUP3068d ago

my games i have

socom:ftb3- awesome singleplayer with 4 player co-op online, great fun addictive multiplayer, easily one of the best socoms.

jak&daxter- so far its almost as good as Jak3, with open worlds and this time customizable planes, this Jak game is a true full blown sequel.

motorstorm artic edge- satisfies my need for badass brutal off road racing... on the go!. customizable vehicles, long singleplayer, fun competitive multiplayer along with good graphics.

GTpsp- the down sides are no online and single player isnt a true GT game. but great features, graphics, gameplay, physics, off road is all there. it satisfies my need for some great gran turismo action.

i will get MGS:PW and gta vice city eventually.

psp is the an excellent gaming machine imo, i almost have as much fun as my ps3 with a plus side of "portable".

HolyOrangeCows3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

FTB3 is by far the best SOCOM (and probably shooter in general) on the PSP.

I'd have to say GOW:CoO, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord? 2 (UMD version...includes the first game), LocoRoco 2, and FTB3.

And probably Peace Walker, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

Ilikegames763067d ago

could be played online thru the PS3, regarding multi player, you could play thru AD-HOC.

PoSTedUP3067d ago

do i have to be plugged in to ps3, or can i do wifi? thanks for the feedback +bubs. you got me excited for my GTpsp again : ).

PoSTedUP3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

psp rocks!!!!!

Gran Touring3067d ago

"do i have to be plugged in to ps3, or can i do wifi? thanks for the feedback +bubs. you got me excited for my GTpsp again : ). "

your PS3 has to be plugged in though ethernet but the PSP uses wifi. The folks over at GTplanet use a specific server for GT:PSP races but I can't remember which. You can check their forums to find out which one.

PoSTedUP3067d ago

thanks, +1. i was just wondeing bc when i go to mulityplayer it only has ADHOC or trade/share, i guess ill look into it, thanks for the help fellas.

its about time for GT5, yeah!

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Myst3068d ago

Surprised at no mention of Monster Hunter oh well.

Playerz83067d ago

Do we really need another "Top 5 games for...."?

Spenok3067d ago

Peace Walker should have been #1 in my opinion.

OutgoingSquall3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

1. Metal gear solid peace walker (buy it so epic you like metal gear solid 3?)
2. Street fighter alpha 3 (my favorite streetfighter game and I love 4)
3. Harvest moon the hero of leaf valley ( get married to your pick of girls train a winning racing horse play addicting mini games I play this game almost everyday.)
4. God of war psp (Its awesome bottom line won't find this on a ds never.)
5. Darkstalkers psp (awesome morrigan demetri etc etc one of the best character designs to this day.)

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