Analyst: 3D gaming will be a fad for at least five years
"Sony is pushing 3D on the Playstation 3 heavily along with ther 3D HDTVs but, as we've noted before, the cost of the TVs and the glasses is prohibitive for the average gamer. So how long will it take before 3D gaming becomes widespread in the home? According to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, it could be five years or more."

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Queasy3067d ago

I know I won't be buying a 3D set for a while. $1k+ for a medium sized TV then another $150 (starting price) for the glasses. Nope. Prices will have to come way down.

captain-obvious3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

"According to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter"


then 3DTVs are the next big thing
and you PPL heard it here first

Playerz83067d ago

Why is anything Pachter say considered news?

Kakkoii3067d ago

3DTV's will be...just not these ones lol. The ones that don't require glasses and actually work well will be. But those are many, many years off from practical production.

Biggest3067d ago

If he is saying that they will be a fad for 5 years and then become the norm, doesn't that change the meaning of fad? A fad would be the Angela Davis afro or shoulder padded pleather jackets. If it takes 5 years to become affordable and common, that makes it normal technology. Was HDTV the norm in the first 5 years? Was color tv the norm in its first 5 years? People need to understand the words they use before the use them. Unless he really believes that 3D will be around for 5 years and then disappear.

RedDragan3067d ago

What Patcher has failed to undertsand is that anything that lasts 5 years is not a "fad", it is a "phase".

There is a massive difference. If you go through a "phase" then something spectacular comes afterwards as a consequence. No matter what the subject at hand is.

Example, a teenager goes to University and gets into the Hippy thing for the few years he/she is there. Upon leaving it takes about a year for that person leave the Hippy "phase". Most often than not he/she becomes a bleeding good professional in the field he/she has entered.

Another example, but this time gaming. 2D games rule the world in the industry with Pac-Man being the #1 thing, then along comes the old red lined but stationary 3D environments that lasted about 4 years. This 3D "phase" was popularish, but when it died... BOOM!!! The FPS was born from that concept!

These "Phases" can be applied to anything from gaming, to cars, to energy.... anything.

The big question is, what comes after the 3DTV Gaming "Phase"?!?!?! I don't know about you folks, but I am looking forward to seeing what it spawns!!

sikbeta3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Now you know, 3D is here to STAY...

3067d ago
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Seijoru3067d ago

900$ for a 42 inch that comes with a pair and that is before holiday season and only in the first year 3D tvs have been out. Soon, all HDTVs will have 3D.

JsonHenry3067d ago

I am not sure what to think. Part of me says yes, fad. But almost ALL new TVs coming out are "3D ready" now. It isn't like they are gonna stop that feature anytime soon. And in 5 years time when everyone has a 3D TV in their home will it really be a fad?

ji32003067d ago


beardpapa3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

5 years ago when i first bought an lcd hdtv for my bedroom, it cost $1800. Today, the same size set costs as little as $280 at walmart.

Of course 5 years ago, people were content with their CRTs and the equivalent size CRT to my lcd could be had for about $300-400 at BestBuy.

Now look what happened to the old school CRTs. Some people say they have the best video quality, but it'd be nostalgia to find a unit at best buy or fry's these days. I'd picture 3Dtv will be a standard device in these electronic stores 5 years from now.

Besides, it's not like television stations are saying 3D is required to view their programming and it's not like once you purchase 3dtv the glasses are mandatory to watch normal tv. 3d is always an option. You can switch it off. Anti-3d people here on n4g seem to think 3d is a mandatory permanent viewing method instead of thinking "hey my tv is 3d capable"

blackmagic3066d ago

There are many technical problems with 3d which are completely glassed over by people hyping 3D. The glasses are already tinted to begin with which reduces the brightness of your picture then the shutter action which is required for the 3d effect reduces the already dimmer picture by another 50%. Sure you get a 3D effect but the colours are muted, contrast is compressed and brightness is bleak at best. On top of this, the latency of LCD sets produce a ghosting artifact which is extremely irritating especially when it's on top of all the other negatives of the glasses and at best you are suffering from eye fatigue after only a couple of hours and at worst you are vomiting or experiencing nausea from the effect.

I can see how the 3D effect can add something to gaming, especially a first person shooter, but for movies, it is a fad at best and an extreme irritant at worst. 99% of the time it adds nothing but a bit of wow factor as you realize that something coming at you on screen really adds absolutely nothing to the film and it actually becomes irritating when you realize that the ONLY reason something is even coming at you on screen is to show off the 3D effect and nothing else related to the film. Personally, though, I think that head tracking technology is VASTLY more immersive and superior for gaming than just the sterograph static image that is produced using shutter glasses but then Sony wouldn't have a reason to sell everyone a new TV would they?

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MxShade3067d ago

Well, the entertainment junkies, as was said before, will certainly pony up whatever it takes. That'll keep them alive until people start picking it up after prices drop.

I don't know, I think more people are still waiting for the virtual reality games we were promised 10-15 years ago, rather than this 3D stuff.

Queasy3067d ago

I guess which ever the porn industry chooses first. LOL

OSU_Gamer3067d ago

It sounds ridiculous but you might be right.
I'm assuming you are talking about the adoption of BluRay by the porn industry, which many believe was the reason BluRay succeeded over HD-DVD.

nickjkl3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

theres been 3d porn for a while

i saw it on the AEE last year i was like woah

Focker-4203067d ago

Porn is already adopting 3D. Peter North said it himself.

MysticStrummer3067d ago

Anyone waiting on virtual reality has a looong wait ahead of them. Then again, to me virtual reality means the Star Trek holodeck or the Matrix.

mrv3213067d ago

Remember how many times the holodeck malfunctioned? You really want one?

And as for the Matrix... yeah erm... let's never do that.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3067d ago

Even i thought i would never get a 3DTV anytime soon.

But once you see it, with your own eyes, and see the actual effects its amazing.

It really isnt a gimmick or anything it works and makes whatever your watching that much more awesome!

The Samsung 3DTV i picked up, reviewers have said you can convert 2D-3D with this specific TV, and people have played MW2, Uncharted 2 and have found them to look soo much more amazing!, the reviews are on amazon if anyone wants to check them out.

Chris3993067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Got one myself and it's the most beautiful piece of consumer electronics I've ever owned. A thing of elegance and grace. And the picture quality is out of this world. It was on sale too, and priced the same as other high-end LCDs/ LEDs, but the specs - 240hz, contrast ratio - were way better than comparable. I don't know why people think 3D tvs are expensive.

They're no more costly than a regular high end set. If you're in the mood for spending $1500 and up on a 50" television, not getting 3D is just dumb when the prices are the same (and again, the specs on these new sets are BETTER). The only extra cost is the glasses, and you don't HAVE to get those and are still left with an extraordinary set.

There are however, a lot of people QQing online about the fact that they have to upgrade at ALL. Welcome to the world of consumer electronics. We've been through what an average of 6-8 iterations/ models of consoles (360 Arcade, 20, 60, 120, 250, Slim, Slim Arcade / PS3 20/60 40/80 ) and people are bitching about having to upgrade their televisions? A tv is like any other monitor/ computer part - replace it after 3-4 years. If you just bought a tv last year, fine, wait another 2 and all the sets will be 3D and much, much cheaper.

And again, the internet is a microcosm. Walk into the average Best Buy and people are putting on the glasses and going "Wooooah!!!" at the 3D displays.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3067d ago

Thats the one, the 750 series

Getting mine from Amazon.

Just realised i have to order the 3D active glasses.

Should be arriving on tuesday.

Glad i made the right choice, you seemed very pleased with it.

I was suprised how cheap it was.

Kakkoii3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I'm personally waiting for the 3D TV's that don't require glasses. I can go a few more years.

Ju3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

They will never come... don't hold your breath.

Kakkoii3066d ago

Yeah... no. You obviously haven't read much into this subject then or you'd know there are already many different working prototypes. Even a screen with with 7 different 3D viewing angles. Not to mention Nintendo's 3DS which doesn't need glasses. But of course it's not good enough for TV's due to the viewing angle problem of that type of approach.

blackpanther253066d ago

now i just bought a samsung 50" 3D plasma tv for 1500 and it came with two free glasses and a 3D blueray player. Dealzmodo for the win

Titanz3067d ago

Wii was a fad with motion controls?

callahan093067d ago

I just got a great price on the iZ3D 22" polarized 3D monitor, which uses polarized lenses like you get when you see a movie in 3D at the theater instead of the expensive active-shutter system lenses. According to UPS, it'll arrive Monday, I'm going to try it out with some of the games they recommend on the website as having the best effects: Arkham Asylum, Crysis + Warhead, Half-Life 2 + Episodes + Portal, Left 4 Dead, Oblivion, Titan Quest, Tomb Raider Underworld. They don't mention Metro 2033, STALKER, or Fallout 3 in their "iZ3D at its Best!" list, but I am excited to try them as well. It may wind up being a disappointment, but I think it could be really cool. Anyway, I have a 5870, so it's one of my only options until AMD/ATI decide to their support behind an active-shutter solution.

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