EMEAA Weekly Chart for July 10th, 2010

VGC writes: "For the Week ending July 10th, 2010, EMEAA reports the following for Hardware sales:

HW Weekly (change) Total
DS 120,901 (+6%) 53,116,170
Wii 64,495 (+2%) 27,970,125
PS3 56,372 (+6%) 16,276,174
X360 39,109 (-5%) 15,830,084
PSP 35,947 (-1%) 24,559,653
PS2 21,033 (+12%) 61,256,773

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

PS3 and Wii are doing sooo good!


Also the DS

Wow PSP nearly outselling 360.

bioshock12213106d ago

Well I'm guessing it's because many people are waiting for the Slim to come out in Europe which doesn't come out until the 16th in Europe which was yesterday.

Johnny_Bravo3106d ago

Yea its kinda pointless to buy an old 360 for $299, when you can get the even better one for the same price by waiting a few more days.

HolyOrangeCows3106d ago

But I thought shortages were just an excuse made by PSTREE FANBOIS, Dance.

Oh, it's the 360 now, though, that's right.

commodore643105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

@ orange..

hmmm.. the difference there is that Sony has been claiming there were shortages for the past SIX months, whereas this is the first time it has been claimed for MS.

I guess those little nuances of minutiae are lost on you.

HolyOrangeCows3105d ago

So you get to decide how long shortages last, too, huh?
You're a funny one.

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PSfan093106d ago

there wouldn't be any xbox shortages if Microsoft launched with a good console

good. ps3 has Europe

The Lazy One3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

this doesn't make any sense

if they made a more appealing console, it would sell less?

3106d ago
demonddel3106d ago

EMEAA does not equals the world

Bobets3106d ago Show
Information Minister3105d ago

It doesn't? Oh, that's right... NPD does./s

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ndibu3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Lol...the contributor really nitpicked what info to put out on the summary.
Xbox 360 outsold Ps3 this week again and Crackdown 2 has the top software spot.

Cyrus3653106d ago

no it didn't, it may have overlal, but in Europe region and other region like middle east, Austuralia...360 got outsold.

trounbyfire3106d ago

no beta = no sales

where are all of those "crackdown was a great game" and i would have brought it with out the beta.

whats worse is everyone talks like " its a 360 exclusive" and as of late they have been lacking so lets build crackdown up even if we don't like it very much

G4tv i mean they sounded so down having to say good things about it

The Lazy One3106d ago

The bad reviews are hurting it more than no beta tbh. The first game was actually really good if you played it.

The second is supposed to only be good if you're doing 4 player co-op.

Johnny_Bravo3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

EMEAA 1st week sales for inFamous was 80,000 which is worse than Crackdown 2's sales. If your going to play sales on a game, include the rest of the world not parts of it. Hell, Heavy Rain only sold 25,000 in its first week in Japan.

Uncharted 2 "The best game ever made" opened with 54,000 in Japan. So I guess that's a bad game to right?

Modnation Racers EMEAA 1st week sales are 54,000. That's another bad game to right?

trounbyfire3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

OMG you must think before you type.
1. japan region is the smallest and western games usually sell around that.

2. yeah Modnation flopped big deal, crackdown is suppose to be a main exclusive for the 360. if UC2 or GOW3 sold like that then it would be a flop but they sold much better.

3. all the people that talk about crackdown 2 know its not very good with respect to other open world games, they go"...yeah its not very new and fresh, the graphics suck, the auto aim is really bad, its repetitive, the zombies things are useless and stupid, the voice is stupid"

on g4tv feedback morgan webb actually said she gave crackdown 2 a high score and looked passed the flaws basically because she liked the first one and thought crackdown 2 was rushed.

SHE admitted that she lied about the score and upped it to a 4 out of 5. she said that they don't get a pass for the crackdown 3.

I WAS LIKE WTF....G4 has lost my respect

Johnny_Bravo3105d ago

@trounbyfire - So what's your excuse for inFamous? It sold less than Crackdown 2 in the same region in first week sales. Crackdown is not a main 360 exclusive, Gears of War, Halo, Fable, are example of big exclusives.

Motorstorm Pacific Rift sold 36,000 in its first week for EMEAA, which was a sequel to a big PS3 exclusive.

Uncharted Drakes Fortune sold 86,000 in its first week for EMEAA, and only 34,000 for USA.

I can easily bash a game because it sold bad in Japan, EMEAA, or USA in its first week, anyone can. My point is if your going to bash a game based on sales, use worldwide sales not sections of it.

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ndibu3106d ago

Lol...the contributor really nitpicked what info to put out on the summary.
Xbox 360 was outsold by Ps3 this week again and Crackdown 2 has the top software spot.

ranmafandude3106d ago

there's still alot of either cheap or poor gamers over there. plus there's alot of piracy so that helps hardware sells.

Silly gameAr3106d ago

Yeah. What's up with that?

Cyrus3653106d ago

PS3 has passed 360 in europe, after launching later. Sony probably thought this how it was suppose to be in US too, but that's not gonna happen, if ever, unless they plan on selling PS3's for 99.99 with Move and a game!

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