360-Exclusive Beta Planned for Spec Ops: The Line

(Kotaku) Those wanting to get in on Spec Ops: The Line early, 2K is now taking signups through a beta site, but the test will run for the Xbox 360 only.

And, it should be noted, signing up does not guarantee you a spot in the multiplayer beta, whenever that rolls out. It's very mucha closed beta, which means you'll need both a Gold account on Xbox Live and to sign an a non-disclosure agreement that vows you won't take screengrabs or video from the demo.

Interested? Head on over.


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Johnny_Bravo3016d ago

Planned? I'm playing it right now....

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tplarkin73015d ago

The Xbox Plus coupon subscription plan sure is paying off!

VINNIEPAZ3015d ago

"Xbox Plus coupon subscription"


STICKzophrenic3015d ago

"^I'm saying if this beta was exclusive to the ps3,
you would have probably hear a big outcry/outrage from the 360 audience (similiar to what happened with medal of honor)
whereareas you dont see that happen so often with the ps3 audience."

I'm pretty sure I recall Sony fans pissed off when CoD4MW and CoDWaW betas were exclusive to 360.

RockmanII73015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Plus EA gave the PS3 the exclusive Bad Company 2 beta.

Blacktric3015d ago

Played it yesterday and it just plain sucked because of lags and *drumrolls* FPS drops every 10 seconds.

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xYLeinen3015d ago

I get all the stuff going on with exclusive shit, but c'mon, its a beta. Shouldn't developers do the beta the way they see it most fits for the sake of development, and not getting cash for bringing the beta to only one console.

For all we know this game is developed on the xbox and should really be beta on the ps3 so we don't get a bayonetta dilemma.

ChronoJoe3015d ago

Old news.

Maybe it wasn't on here before. I don't know, but this is weeks old.

N4BmpS3015d ago

Well that's Unfortunate, oh well, 2K games favors the 360 anyway they did something similar with Borderlands (exclusive DLC). But hopefully PS3 owners don't take this the wrong way and will still support the game. But I think making a beta exclusive is... a bad marketing strategy.

Johnny_Bravo3015d ago

W-w-whaaat? 2K favors 360? That's why Mafia 2 is getting exclusive content on PS3? Borderlands DLC is on PS3 and released at the same time. Stop making excuses and being ignorant.

NecrumSlavery3015d ago

When did the 360 get exclusive DLC? You mean 360 got it a day early cause their store updates at a different time?

WetN00dle693015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

In what way do the prefer the 360??
If they did not only would the 360 get the Beta but it would also get the Mafia 2 exclusive DLC. I think its a fair trade 360-exclusive Spec ops Beta, PS3-Free exclusive Mafia 2 DLC.

Folezicle3015d ago

much rather have a trade.. I wonder if the Mafia 2 is exclusive DLC, as in the past 360 and PS3 exclusive DLC, have ended up being on the other platform the next year, best example being GTA.

Bnet3433015d ago

Exclusive anything is a bad marketing strategy. What would be the point of making a game exclusive to one platform, when you can make more money expanding to other platforms. It's always bad, but people do it for the sake of contracts and backroom deals. Every business has this type of thing.

Dance3015d ago

Ps3 is getting exclusive content for mafia 2

N4BmpS3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Okay, so to show that they don't favor the 360 they put XCOM on there for console exclusivity right? I'm not ignorant at all I see through BS (like the BS you're dishing out now) I have no problem with what 2K is doing (sort of) and I'm not saying that if you asked 2K "do you like the PS3?" that they would say "Hell No! 360 all day." I'm simply saying that they favorite the 360 platform a little more for success, especially for shooters (such as Spec Ops). And not too mention Spec Ops' production was lead on the 360 and PS3 (A mixture of both) so why is it for the 360 only?

You can tell me I'm wrong and/or ignorant but that would further prove how ignorant and oblivious you are. (Im talikng about you Johnny B. and Wet noodle <---future porn star in the making with that name)

Oh thanks Dance I'm pretty sure that Johnny or Wet noodle said that already. And since you can't see me I'm rolling my eyes.

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