Red Dead Redemption: World in Motion Time-Lapse Video

Digital Foundry: "It's game engines as art, innit? In a week where Red Dead Redemption proved its sales dominance throughout the summer, with DLC announcements just yesterday, Digital Foundry set about completing its own RDR project: the world created by Rockstar San Diego, displayed via the beauty of time-lapse video."

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exsturminator013016d ago

I am VERY impressed with the work that went into this. Kudos to you, this is a great video. I'm still impressed with the work Rockstar put into the environments in this game, especially the weather and lighting effects. Again, good job.

3016d ago
Chnswdchldrn3016d ago

yea i clicked the link to watch footage from a videogame, not real life.

...oh wait

writersblock3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

...oh wait

no you're not

joypads3016d ago

huge respect to R* for putting so much hard work into their unique games.10/10

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