How Console Gaming Has Tainted PC Gaming For The Past Several Years

Let me preface this by saying – I have nothing wrong with the video game consoles, and the below opinion is just that of GATT’s GamerX. That being said, I am personally a PC gamer, and damn proud of it. I have been a PC gamer since the age of seven, and I never looked back. I upgrade my hardware at least once a year to keep current with the computer market. However, lately, gaming on my computer just hasn’t been the same.

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dktxx23014d ago

OK, some myths this guy has in his head.
1.) Piracy is a much bigger factor in pc game development than in console development. Its difficult to pirate games on a 360, its easy to pirate games on a pc. That doesn't mean piracy is killing pc gaming, but to say thats its not impacting it at all is untrue.

2.) ya there might be way more computers in the world than consoles, but how many are used for gaming? how many can actually run games that serious developers produce? way less than there are consoles.

ultimately, the reason pc gaming is way "behind" (fiscal wise), is because hardware moves way faster than the software boys. better looking games cost way more money to make. models, textures, lighting, every thing takes more time to make it look good so good. with a console, development costs go down as you get acclimated with the hardware. you can use assets from previous game and just update them. Pc development, its harder to use previous models because there will be a new technology out there that requires a totally new model from scratch.

then you're game has to be compatible with hundreds of different gpu's and cpu's, then then be compatible with any combination of those. that takes time and money too.

being a pc game developer only is a tough thing to do. its hard to justify it financially, especially when you're game would sell so much better on a console 90% of the time. crytek tried, and realized that it wasn't a sound business model to focus only on pc development. it sucks, but pc gaming is in a downward trend, and no one wants to step up and become a leader. someone needs to round developers up and then smack some sense into hardware developers and tell them to slow the hell down.

MariaHelFutura3014d ago

Yep. Piracy and CPUs are annoying for having to constantly upgrade them.

If I buy a PS3 game I know it works on my PS3, If I buy a 360 game I know it works on my 360. Before you buy a PC game you gotta do research. LOL.

Ocelot5253014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

learned that the hard with bioshock for PC, always crackling sound, there are many others with this problem:

and no fucking fix that works for me

I'll rebuy it one day on the PS3 when it's in the bargain bin.

off-topic question: is it learned or learnt? I was attacked and raped by grammar Nazis yesterday for writing learnt but I always learned/learnt in school that both were correct for present perfect

Johnny_Bravo3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

That's why PC gaming blows, I'll stick to my PS3, Xbox 360, 50" TV, and my couch. If I want to play a game, I want to just buy it, put it in one of my systems and play. Not check to see if I'm even able to play it.

@MiamiACR - Have fun constantly upgrading your hardware to play the latest games. Where my 5 year old hardware will continue to play games, that make you upgrade your current hardware.

Yea I want to spend 700 dollars to play the same exact game in a million 80p.

MiamiACR3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I agree with Johnny_Bravo, I'll stick to my PC playing on my 50" Plasma while I relax on the couch, wireless mouse and keyboard ftw. And honestly if you want to play bioshock on a 720p TV, which is often more then most console games, just buy a computer for 700, or even 500 and play with those rezes with EASE. Did I mention 60fps? Oh thats right it does that too, browsing the internet on a browser that goes faster then the often "Slow as shit" PS3 joke of a browser is very refreshing to say the least.

The only real bitch here is you, and your inability to put together a simple PC to play the latest games at a cheap price (Roughly the price of PS3 at launch). If you aren't a complete moron (Tough chance) you wont have any issues with a PC regularly, 9 times out of 10 it's a problem on the developers side that they fix with something console games so rarely receive a...*Gasp* A patch!


The sound popping issue in Bioshock is caused by some types of onboard audio (Realtec etc etc.) and if you really wanted to invest in a 20 dollar sound card to get rid of 99.9% of sound problems that so occasionally occur because of shitty drivers like realtec? Then go for it and you wont have anymore problems with bioshock.

@ Johnny_Bravo, It's funny how you still believe that you have to keep "Constantly" upgrading your hardware to match the visuals of current games. a 8800gtx could easy outperform out visualize every console game on the market, and yes even our beloved Uncharted 2 (I loved it myself) not "Million 80p" Just 720, at 60fps, with mouse and keyboard support which to be honest you should have used your "Million" quote, because it is a Million times better and more accurate then a gamepad.

Nugundam00793014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

this has been my argument against pc for years--I buy a game for my console I KNOW it will work--not MAYBE if i want to game on my comp..aint that a bitch?

ZombieNinjaPanda3014d ago


kay so I'm not the only one that has problems with bioshock. And I thought it was just my crappy pc :P

RedDragan3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

The last time I checked, Fallout 3 didn't really "just work" on PS3.

It's the only game that warrants 1 out of 10 for effort. It crashes the console all the time, the frame rate drop is rediculous and DLC is buggy as hell. The GOTY (which I have) didn't fix a single thing!

No PC that had the spec to play it at minimum had this issue!

MariaHelFutura3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I played FO3 on the PS3, after the 1st patch I never had any problems I never tryed the DLC and think you missed the point I was making. IMO, Socom: Confrontation is the only console game I've bought that didnt work when I bought it.

Ocelot5253014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )


the PC version of fallout also chrashes andglitches

and the specs of my Desktop are ok: geforce 9600gt xxx edition, core 2 duo 3.2 ghz
4 gig DDR2

and mothership zeta on the PC is riddled with bugs, i couldn't even finish it without the command line

the ps3 version has more problems tough

Darkfocus3014d ago

If your PC's more powerful than a console you don't even need to check specs to know if it'll run a multiplatform game because it's guaranteed to run it better than either console. also checking specs is incredible simple and takes all of 2 seconds to do.

PotatoClock3014d ago

MultiPlatform games coming out nowdays are just ports to the PC. Why do console fanboys still think that we have to buy new parts every year JUST to make it work?
Consoles are holding back the power of a PC, not pushing it.

If your buying new hardware each year your buying it to make those games run with a smoother framerate, not to make them just work.

DeathMetal3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

"If I buy a 360 game I know it works on my 360" really ever heard of RROD

@ above

"Why do console fanboys still think that we have to buy new parts every year JUST to make it work?" Because they are idiots and want to tray and rationalize that their little outdated box can hang with a PC when they know it is not even close. To them next gen is maybe 720P at 30FPS LOL

evrfighter3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

man console kids get games that run a little higher than what we pc gamers call sh*t resolutions and all of a sudden they think they know what good graphics are...

el oh el.

my little brother who would be considered your average console gamer has a 360 and has the current games but comes over any chance he gets to play on my lan. his reasoning is simple. "gaming pc's are badass"

his words not mine.

Conloles3013d ago

Amen, death to consoles! All glory to the master PC!

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xztence3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I miss the pc exclusive games that pushed the graphics bar like crysis
you know, if the pc platorm was still in top condition we would actually be very close to real true next gen games.
As the devs focus exclusively on the pc platform with all the awesome technology, there would be alot of mindblowing games out every year.
but sadly the process is slowed down because the pc in its current condition is not the most viable platform to work on for devs wanting to push the bar, as doing so would need alot of money, and with piracy devs are not sure if they will get back the profit they desire.

ProjectVulcan3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

This appears to be the main problem for console only gamers. Unwilling or simply unable to exercise the effort and their brain to game on PC. Its no secret Pc gaming is hardcore, more hardcore than console gaming, lets hope it stays that way for me. Plopping in a game and playing is certainly appealing for most, but its not enough for the people out there that like to understand and tinker, who enjoy building and fiddling, who enjoy the rewards that come with such an effort.

Theres a time and a place for console gaming and theres a time and a place for Pc gaming. They can co exist and i am sure they will continue to. They'll have to if they both want to survive, if people want advanced console gaming technology there has to be people embracing it first on PC.

Console gamers will of course continue to push the fallacies that PC is incredibly expensive and difficult to maintain and overemphasise the simplicity of their machines which are considerably more complex than they ever have been, and dont always work either.

Pc gamers will continue to ignore the advantages of improved user friendliness with respect to online integration and ability to reach markets far and wide. Pushing gaming for the masses. Also of course lording it by overestimating the advantages of PC technology! A favorite pasttime of Pc gamers.

The truth is, without both still alive, the industry would be caught in a serious downward spiral and destruction. Cant we all just get along? lol

Nugundam00793014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I just want to play-not "understand and tinker" with my game I loved mods on some pc games I used to play back in the day..and thats really cool and all but to be honest that isnt a deciding factor when I decide what game I'm going to play. I dont understand the pc gamers emphasis on this at all-you like fiddling with your game? great, do what makes you happy-but dont look down on me and call what I love to do "inferior" because you can make a naked mod for Alyx Vance into your copy of Half-Life 2.I dont want to go that route and I simply want to do what i bought my console for-which is simply put-to play games not spending ludicrous amounts of money "Upgrading" my console.

sorry if I come across as bitter--Ive just had too many oldschool pc games not work on my PC cause of my OS..which I think is ridiculous.

ProjectVulcan3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Theres always another perspective nugundam0079. People just have to see the other side of the fence. Hating Pc for struggling to play older titles is an interesting and valid point in some ways, but also invalid that the expectations a brand new Pc should play all PC games from the past thirty years without incompability issues.

After all, you are lucky if your current console plays games you want from the previous generation or the generation before that.....solution? To hold onto the previous console. Same goes for Pc really, but we all know that isnt entirely practical or desirable. However despite the difficulties with many older Pc games, a great deal original titles can still be made to work on a modern OS 20+ years after their initial release. Not an easy thing to claim about consoles like 360, Ps3 or wii.

Hence not an argument against PC i subscribe to personally.

As for the fiddling theres always a certain group out there. Its a lot like owning a car. Most people just want to get in and go from A to B. It simply needs to function all the time so that you forget the incredible technology underneath and take it for granted. Some people are very serious about their cars though. They enjoy performance/classic cars. Why? You cant do 200mph on the road everywhere. It breaks down more often, its finicky and you cant rely on it to instantly. But maybe they even enjoy modding, or even repairing their vehicle! The downsides from a practicality perspective doesnt deter them because they put a value on that kind of thing.

That is what a gaming pc and their users are.

kevnb3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

when you look into it, console gaming seems to be a big black hole for money right now while pc gaming is just more profitable. Something like 80% of activisions profit comes from pc, without pc they would be bleeding red just like all those other console based publishers.

Im also sick of getting a console, thinking everything will work but having huge problems with framerates and stability in several console games! Games like Dragon Age, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Divinity 2, the ps3 version of ghostbusters etc.. The worst part is, these games will never work right, no upgrade or major patch will ever come.

Heck, hald the people around all the posters here are probably playing some sort of pc game right now, everything from wow, to crysis, to starcraft2, to farmville, to poker stars, and to counter strike is a pc game. What are you playing on console, red dead redemption or modern warfare 2?
Heck the only real console, that isnt just some gimped pc is the wii... notice how its kicking sony and microsofts ass?

dktxx23013d ago

If console gaming truly was a blackhole of money, then why are most developers developing console games almost exclusively, and rarely giving the pc even an afterthought? activion is th one company that makes loads of money from pc gaming, and you know why? WoW. The only reason is WoW. not retail sales, not anything like that. if they lost, wow (and blizzard), they forget about the pc entirely.

just because the pc is having hard times doesn't mean that all you pc fans need to get upset and defensive, and proclaim that its not. if some console fanboys come in here and start bashing away, to hell with them. the pc is a platform that right now lacks direction, and is hard to pull a profit from if you're a new company getting your foot in the door. duh. it doesn't mean pc gaming is gay or worse than consoles. its just having a rough time. nintendo had a few rough times, sony had a rough time with the ps3's launch, doesnt mean that what they offered was horrible just because at the time their competition had an upper hand. things improved for both of them. the ps3 is right now looking amazing, and the wii is a cash cow.

Blaine3013d ago

I won't get into the PC vs Consoles debate going on in here, but all those games you mentioned for PS3 are multiplats. No wonder they don't work properly! You want a game that works properly, check out first-party devs or exclusives. Only a few multi-platform developers out there are competent/care enough to make a great product on all platforms.

And the only PC game I play is posting comments on N4G and gametrailers! Hell, on this site especially, the feedback I get on my comments is so random that it may as well be a gambling game! (It's the "let's see how many disagrees I get for stating facts" game on this site.)

kevnb3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

when was the last time you heard of a new exciting dev starting on console? While the pc has plenty of developers and games, maybe less mega publishers with commercials and adds all over the place. Can you really see something like the witcher, mount & blade, cryostasis, stalker, league of legends, or plants vs zombies, happening on console? No on console youre going to get games made by dev teams put together by mega publishers mainly. There is barely anything made to be the best game, just to be the best selling game.
its all just that media and console only gamer perspective, its not reality.

I made a thread on gamespot that should help, its not all exclusive but it gives an idea how strong pc gaming still is.

I dont get why people think the consoles are so much more than they are, just because alot of devs have gone mutliplat? Because there are a few dozen games a year that are console only? Then you guys will choose to aknowledge only certain types of games, since console only offer certain things for the most part...

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Game-ur3014d ago

I think Rage, Portal2 and maybe Crysis2 will be some of the rare games to take advantage of the PC.

I got introduced to PC gaming by my nerd big brother, started out on Monkey Island, played great games you can't find anywhere else like Grim Fandango, Gabriel Knight, Age of Empires, total war, Baldur's Gate, planescape torment…

But I think the introduction of the Xbox took away much of its potential gamers, I remember shooters and western RPGs being mainstays of the PC, now MMORPGs seem like the last bastion of the platform.

RedDragan3014d ago

Most games take advantage of PC tech. DiRT 2 looks better than GT5 Prologue.

OpenGL3013d ago

Well, some of the cars aren't as detailed but it uses way more advanced particle effects as well as tessellated water.

garos823013d ago

ive never liked pc gaming solely because i cant keep up with it. im not the most knowledgable pc gamer out there, far from it but i seriously cant be arsed having errors on my games because my operating system is infested by trojans viruses etc. its a pain in the arse to run internet explorer on my pc let alone crysis.

also you cant get some of the best games ever made on pc till years later when they are emulated so i dont see the point. the way i see it is the only games im missing out being a console gamer are proper good RTS games like age of empires.

just my 2 cents

i_like_ff73013d ago

I got Dirt 2 running maxed out 1650x1050 at 60fps on my 5770. It still doesn't look anywhere near as photorealistic as GT5. Lighting and car models aren't even close.

Chris_TC3013d ago

Portal 2 won't push any hardware boundaries, not even close. And Rage actually looks pretty mediocre with disappointing textures and geometry detail.

Crysis 2 is really the only game that might make Nvidia and ATI rejoice because of a sales spike.
But even that's not certain. Since it'll run on consoles, practically any PC should be able to run it as well (albeit not on maximum settings). So people may not feel like upgrading for just one game when they can simply run it with console quality settings.

sak5003014d ago

Was a hard core gamer since the days of Commodore's 64 and amiga500 back in mid 80s. Then jumped to PC in 97 by getting a 386 8mhz machine which could be overclocked by a simple turbo button to 16mhz. Then couple of years later bought 486 DX2, then Pentium the uber CPU to end all cpu with it's massive 90Mhz. Truth be told i bought it purely to play Need for speed at decent speed as it would not run on anything lower.

Anyway to cut it short i spent huge amount of money from buying expensive cassettes games for C64 to my current rig with 5870 1GB card. But i'm glad to say i haven't spent any money on upgrades for this rig in more than 2 years. My 5870 is free. Thanks to 360 which provides much easier and comfortable gaming enviroment. Playing laying on couch infront of 50" 1080P plasma is nowhere near plyaing on 23" 1080p monitor. I even tried hooking my pc via hdmi to my tv but it's no fun.

My main passion was FPS since days of BF:1942 which im glad has also shifted to consoles in one form or another. Good job MS and 360.

comp_ali3014d ago

You do you realize that your monitor resolution is UPscaled since your console can't produce 1080P. Your X360 isn't DX11 neither , it is DX9.
Hooking your PC to your TV is not as simple as hooking your console, you have to spend some time learning more than gaming I think.

RedDragan3014d ago

My TWO HD5870 rig was simple to connect to the 40" HDTV.

It was as simple as plugging in the HDMI cable between the TV and Card and voila, the picture was Plug'n'Play in glorious 1080 60Hz. Can't wait to get a 600Hz LEDTV.

OpenGL3013d ago

Both my desktop with a Radeon 5870 and laptop with a Mobility Radeon 5650 auto-detect 1080p when plugged into my HDTV.

MariaHelFutura3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )


yamzilla3014d ago

I have not looked at spec requirements on a box in 3 PC's can play ANYTHING...and it always looks better on my pc than on my consoles.

Multiplatform games....I ALWAYS buy on pc>>> $10 cheaper...or more...and they look, run and control ten times better....

PC get's 95% of all console games and they look soooo much better. The consoles struggle to produce 30 frames per second at 720p while PC games run at 1080p, 1200p, 1400p, 1600p or higher at frames over 60.....shit, when I installed portal for free from steam it ran at 300 frames per second constantly through the whole game...I assume 300 frames was the cap.

Not to metion, espeasially with windows seven...all the old games play on the PC...I am replaying Baldurs Gate 2 and Icewind Dale 1 on my laptop....and Damn.....those games SHIT on Dragon Age and Mass effect (Gameplay wise)...they were created when Bioware/Black Isle knew RPG's.

Turin3014d ago

What, you got 3 gaming PC's and all the consoles, wow. Bet you haven't got a girlfriend though, lol! I've been a PC gamer for about 17 years and a Console gamer for about 2. But I have to disagree with you belittling the consoles they are good machines that offer similar experiences to the PC versions. I find that some games are better on PC's, i.e. Strategy games, role-playing games and FPS'. But consoles do produce some types of games that are not matched on the PC like God of War and Uncharted 2. In terms of graphics I agree PC is king, but in terms of game-play it's a more level playing field. And for me game-play is king not graphics. Oh by the way, I agree about Baldurs Gate 2 but I found Icewind Dale one of Biowares weaker efforts. Planescape Torment was far superior.