5 Tips to Prevent YLOD and RROD

Console failure is a terrible thing, especially when they both die at the same time. Here are 5 ways you can try and stave off YLOD or RROD.

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RatFuker3015d ago

never had ylod, but incase i ever will, (3 years running without one), ill bookmark this.

lalalala3015d ago

Looks like the article is talking about preventative measures, not how to fix the issue once you get it. I'm considering opening up my console to clean it out.

JoySticksFTW3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I vacuum my launch 60gb pretty regularly and actually opened it up twice to clean it out.

If you want a thorough cleaning, you're going to have to gut it - meaning pull out your blu-ray drive, hard drive, motherboard, everything - just to get to the fan which is connected to the motherboard.

That's where most of my dust was, right by the fan

When I closed it up this last time, I only had three "extra" screws left over :)

It really is easy though. Just takes some nerves, a good guide, and some patience

And also a special screwdriver that I got from Amazon for $2.00 USD that I needed to remove that first tamper-free screw. Not all PS3's have that first tamper-free screw though, or so I heard.

But it's right under your void warranty sticker, remove the rubber nub under the sticker, and the screw will be shaped like a hollow star with a rod in the center.

Here's the link for the bold...

Guess it's $5 now

Good Luck!

Blacktric3014d ago

To prevent RROD (not completely maybe but this is a must thing to do); install your games on HDD and play it from there. Heat generated from the DVD driver is the main reason that makes the system hot. I'm using my Xbox 360 since last May and never encountered a problem. Oh and if you are going to buy an external fan, go for the ones that comes with their own adapter and doesn't use the power of 360's. I don't think there is much to do for YLOD besides keeping the system in an open area though. PS3's cooling system is much better than Xbox 360's so there is no need to take drastical measures.

3014d ago
gaffyh3014d ago

Installing to HDD on 360 is a very good option, I actually wasn't doing it for a while, but I thought I'd do it for Mass Effect 2 and OMG it is so much better.

There's so much less noise and the 360 really doesn't seem to heat up as much. So I'd definitely recommend that you install the game you are playing the most.

inveni03014d ago

I got YLOD for the first time ever on my launch 60GB FAT. I promptly borrowed a heat gun from my father-in-law, and now it's working again! To prevent failure in the future, I installed a fan into my entertainment center to help air move around the PS3.

inveni03014d ago

How did I get a disagree? Insanity.

gaffyh3014d ago

@above - Don't worry yourself, there are a lot of fanboys around.

Spydiggity3014d ago

lol...really? the article titled "5 Tips to PREVENT..." is an article about how to prevent something? my god! what would we do without your astute observations?

Megaton3014d ago

Did all of that, YLOD twice anyway. The 2nd one was like he says, happened upon startup. The first one was right in the middle of playing Fallout 3, though. It was a cold winter night too, couldn't even hear the fan.

shink3014d ago

Well RatFuker seemed like he was talking about what to do to fix YLOD not prevent it. Hence the correction by lalalala

AAACE53014d ago

If you open it, you void the warranty and you can't trade it!

I'd rather trade a console and still get some cash or credit towards a new console... but then again, that's just my way of doing things!

NegativeCreepWA3014d ago

I've never had either, but i've had 2 360 dvd drives and one ps3 bluray drive go bad.

sweetshot233014d ago

I did that with my ps3 and what worked wonders for me is i took off the top cover ( the part that says in silver letters Playstation ) and just blew the 300lb air compressor we have and i had a whole bunch of dust come out and now my ps3 runs quite and i think cooler.

NYPunkster3014d ago

"When I closed it up this last time, I only had three "extra" screws left over :) "


I hate when that happens.

Dramscus3014d ago

I like to elevate my machine an extra quarter inch. I use little felt pieces used to keep furniture from wrecking hard wood. The extra space underneath allows for better ventilation.

lalalala3014d ago

@Spydiggity - Yeah lol, I was replying to the dude above, seemed like he thought it was for fixing YLOD or RROD.

secksi-killer3014d ago

so my tip is... dont worry, and enjoy your console/consoles

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Imperator3014d ago

My Ps3 died after 3 years of awesome game time. Sad to see it go, but at least I still have my PS3 Slim. Gonna miss the good ol' fatty though. As for the 360... that's just another, very frustrating, story.

Rusco873014d ago

I think its fair to say that the fail rate this generation has been really bad for both MS and Sony.

How ever one thing missing from this is for RRoD is the fact that the RAM blocks fail. I currently working on my 360 to fix RRoD, thermal paste has been removed and replaced with a much better one. xbox starts and runs NXE and dvds, but when a game is loaded it lasts 10 minutes then frezzes with blue lines. This is caused by the ram blocks there are many fixes but some require a heat gun.

Personally I think it was unfair of MS to pass out over 400 free xbox slims to the people at their press confrence at E3, when people are stuck with RRoD that are out of warrenty. I can see why they did it, so the press would help boost advertising of the console, but come on, take care of your customers first!

(Again my own personal view, Don't hate)

jerethdagryphon3014d ago

mine seems to be on its way out i have 2 days on exented warrenty gonna try to get it switched out hopefuilly they will rather then repair

AAACE53014d ago

Really... do you feel better now that you got that out?

I got a better idea... Don't buy either console and you won't have to worry about anything!

Then again, I don't think anyone wants to do that. But since it seems like more fanboys (on either side) have more fun coming to N4G and complaining, maybe they should just not buy a console. The consoles they have must be collecting a lot of dust or they just don't buy games.

rumplstilts3014d ago

There is a reason you only have 1 bubble. People don't want to listen to you.

jerethdagryphon3014d ago

my ps3 is acting up 3 days left on extended warrenty i think ill try to get it exchanged

JsonHenry3014d ago

I used to think the PS3 was incapable of of yellow lighting. Then two of my friends had to break out their heat guns in the same week and take it apart and fix them.

Hanif-8763013d ago

The funny thing is the i almost never turn off my PS3, its ON for like 12 hours a what is this YROD you speak of?

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Hellsvacancy3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I got YLOD twice, repaired both times by myself

I think the reason i got it was coz i used a stand, this 1
i noticed after i got YLOD that there was these vents that where bein covered over coz was usin the stand (i give it 2 my mate in the end lol)

Its been 6 months since i last got YLOD, my STILL PS3's goin strong, i wonder how many times i can repair it till i need 2 buy a Slim?

deadreckoning6663014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Hellsvacancy- How much does it cost to get ur PS3 repaired if it gets YLOD? If its beyond repair, does Sony just give you a new one? I've had my 60GB since 2007 and this year it seems like I might have to get it repaired. Often times I need to flip the power switch twice for it to turn on.

sweetshot233014d ago

sony its 180 i believe but if your like me i found a guy on craigslist that used to work for sony and had all the repair equipment that did it for $45. :)

branchedout3014d ago

Actaully, I've fixed a friend's PS3 twice.

A heat gun is about $25, you buy it once.
The thermal paste is $10, which covers about... 3-4 repairs. Possibly more.

Then, if you don't have a T-10 scredriver, you can get one for about 5 to 6 bucks, but I bought a big collection of screwdrivers for 10 bucks. You only buy that once.

So, initially, the first fix is $41-45 bucks, the next 2 or 3 are free, and then another 10 bucks, if you have really terrible luck with YLOD.

Imperator3014d ago

If your PS3 YLODs I think it's much cheaper to buy a brand new PS3. Sony will fix it for 150 bucks, but they don't even guarantee it's 100% work.

Chug3014d ago

They give you a 90 day warranty after repair, so that's more or less a guarantee.

Kleptic3014d ago

yeah what?...they give you a refurbished model of whatever you send in...including a 60gb, as that is the most common PS3 to pop...and a 90 day warranty on every refurbished model they send back...for $150 including shipping if you are out of warranty...i also have yet to hear of a refurbished ps3 ylod'ing, as many say they use better solder when 'fixing' broken ps3's...

gaffyh3014d ago

I've got a refurbished one right now, and imo the £150 is extortionate. I'd rather they gave me a new PS3, because tbh I don't really care about the PS2 B/C that I have in my 60GB. Plus warranty for 90 days is ridiculous, they should give another year's warranty, which is what electrical manufacturers usually do.

Still if it dies again, I'll try and blag a free PS3 from Sony, apparently it works sometimes.

bunfighterii3014d ago

So the cause is overheating right?

What component overheats and how do you fix it?

Tee7soo3014d ago

I never had YLOD but i had RROD three times ..

Anon19743014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I've never known anyone personally who's had a PS3 go on them, but every 360 owner I know has had at least one 360 red ring on them.

I have two PS3's, a 40 GB fat and a 60 GB fat (now with a 250 GB drive slapped in it). I've had no issues with either.

My 360 has red ringed on me twice and once the replacement console sent to me gouged rings in 3 of my games before I figured out what happened. I'm on my 4th 360. Needless to say, my 360 doesn't see much playtime.

I'd advise anyone that hasn't purchased a 360 yet to go for the 360S, don't be tempted to pick up the old 360's. It's just not worth the hassle if something does go wrong. When I first heard reports of 360's dying I thought it was just a vocal minority who had bad luck and just wrote these reports off and it was to my own detriment.

tomsau3014d ago

I'm the only person I know personally that's had a ps3 ylod
(60gig launch model, under extended warranty, but sony wouldnt send a 60gig model, new or refurbed)
But that's mainly because I'm the only person I know personally that has a ps3 :(

Everyone I know has had atleast 1 rrod, someone I know has been through about 7
Yet I've had an xbox for nearly 2 years and haven't had any problems

Kleptic3014d ago

my PS3 60gb fat ylod'd about a month ago...had it in a few new location for a few weeks, did notice the fans running a lot more than normal, but still figured it was ok...I was wrong...

CaptainPunch3014d ago

Take care of your console and you ought to be fine, if not then that sucks for you.