James Bond: Blood Stone – Is Activison letting us down again?

Oxcgn: "Nobody was more excited to learn that there will be another James Bond game than me. Until I read the description of its multiplayer.

In a sea of Gears Of War/ Killzone/ Modern Warfare/ Call of Duty/ Medal of Honor gritty dark shooters I have sorely been missing the old school exotic tongue-in-cheek (and tongue elsewhere) fantasy world of a James Bond game."

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hiredhelp3017d ago

This game not gonna be a good sequel.from the makers of blur wtf.i didnt like quantum of solace neaither.why has the licenses been switched from publishers to publishers now devs to devs.ok i agree shame rare no longer apart of it but the other 007's were in hands of EA.they were good bond games.since then its not felt the same.i do envy the WII getting remake of goldeneye. for that reason id want a WII.

gaminoz3017d ago

I thought that some of the EA games were okay, especially Nightfire and Everything or Nothing. Quantum of Solace had an okay single player but the multi not having local play really did make it disposable.

BadCircuit3017d ago

I loved the old James Bond games because of the good local multiplayer. Now that that feature is gone I will most likely not be buying Blood Stone.

The new Goldeneye for the Wii has local multiplayer so I will be getting that game.

gaminoz3017d ago

This focus on 'teamplay' in multiplayer is great for the hardcore who like leveling up and being serious competitors but people who just want to muck around with mates or family seem to no longer matter.

Yeah it looks like the Goldeneye remake is the only one that will fit that bill, but it's on Wii and many would rather play with wireless controllers on 360 or PS3. Shame it's not being remade on those two as well.

gaminoz3017d ago

Does anyone else think that Daniel Craig looks like he came from a Wax Museum in the new trailer? Hopefully they polish his look a bit...

Immortal Kaim3017d ago

I really think this Goldeneye game is going to be bad, but I will wait and see. I really think Goldeneye was a product of its time, things have moved on since then.

Faztkiller3017d ago

I think this James Bond may be good because it has a great dev and they've been working on it for 19 months.

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