Crysis: Photo-Realistic Texture Mod - Marvellous New Screenshots

Three new amazing screenshots from an upcoming texture mod for Crysis (CryEngine 2)

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Wizziokid3068d ago

got to love the mod's, this is why PC gaming will remain top

gcolley3068d ago

grow up. pc gaming is just another form of gaming like console and handheld. they all offer unique gaming experiences that appeal to different people.

Nicolee3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

its just his opinion, you don't need to bite his head off from that . ppl here on N4G need to relax more i think .

UltraNova3068d ago

Yeah man I hear most of them should be on Valium!

On topic, these mods never seize to amaze me, I mean look at the stones in the beach screen shot, Jesus! Imagine when a game will be like that start to finish! WOW!

Arnon3068d ago

Except for the fact that PC gaming offers everything console gaming does as well, considering later down the road, we're going to have emulators for said consoles on our PCs.

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ryhanon3068d ago

I know I'll probably be hated for this... but I really don't understand what is supposed to be so impressive about these shots.

Sure the textures look great up close, if you really want to stand around staring at the ground, but everything in the distance looks flat and boring. Not to mention the textures repeat to a sickening degree - that would be highly annoying in game.

Darkfocus3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

ya their slightly higher res than the original textures but they repeat over and over and look really flat because theirs no parallax mapping.

edit:never mind according to the site these are parallax occlusion mapped really doesn't look like it though. maybe it would be more visible in motion?

Chris_TC3068d ago

I enjoy gaming on the PC, but I've never installed a single mod. I just don't care.

A lot of modders seem to make things worse. Real Lifesis for example looks completely crappy.
And a mod like the Cinematic Mod for Half-Life 2 changes important components of the game. Alyx turns into Adriana Lima (WTF??), the atmospheric wide-open beach scene suddenly gets cramped by a huge bridge that wasn't in the original game etc.

TheGameFoxJTV3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

You told him to grow up just for having an opinion. Who's the immature one here?

Nihilism3068d ago

In the biz...we call those kind of outburst 'only child syndrome'...when people don't pay them attention...they start yelling until they get candy


No candy for you. To the corner!

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tynam3068d ago

what? that looks awful, someone has just put a photo on the floor, it looks bad

ryhanon3068d ago

Yeah, I agree. The textures themselves are high resolution and very impressive, but everything in the distance is flat and the textures repeat so much that it looks like somebody just rolled out wallpaper on the ground.

HeroXIV3068d ago

Gotta love parralax occlusion. Kinda made irrelevent now with DX11 and Tessellation.

Letros3068d ago

Hardware based tessellation is the future.

chak_3068d ago

as long as this gen of console is around we won't have much about DX11 properly implemented.

Sorry but they're just holding PC back. Just look how poorly it was done in AVP or bad company 2

Baka-akaB3068d ago

sure riiiiight , nothing to do neither with more than half current pc not yet dx11 ready ?

Enough with that BS already , pc isnt , and never was a unified , homogene and standardised platform , given the extreme and disparity , between older pcs , cheap pcs , and hardcore gaming ones .

The tradition has pretty much always been to compromise for the lower pc , with some titles going for full graphic prowess or full scalability

Chris_TC3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

No, there haven't been compromises for the lower-end. There have always been lots and lots of in-game graphics settings for faster machines.

However, these days the maximum graphics setting is usually equal to the console version (except for the higher resolutions) when the maximum setting should be way beyond the console version.

Baka-akaB3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Actually of course there are compromises , even devs admit it in those or other words .

Otherwise everyone every year would be competing in the same graphics kings segment particularly loved by the likes of ID software , once upon a time EPIC , Crytek ...

They dont go crazy and mostly propose scalable options . it was like that before consoles were event considered a threat or an hindrance , so that excuse is very much abused .

The truth most likely lies in the middle

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Game-ur3068d ago

Call me crazy, but from what I have seen, CryEngine2 is better than CryEngine3

FantasyStar3068d ago

You're not crazy. The evidence is in the videos: CE3 is CE2-Medium settings at best with tweaks here and there.

Game-ur3068d ago

You think that’s due to CE3 being a cross-platform engine?

FantasyStar3068d ago

Of course, on the plus side though. If the PC Version does turn out to be a direct console-port, at least I know my PC can max it out.

BYE3068d ago

Well CryEngine 3 is just a toned down console friendly version of the CryEngine.

The 3 at the end is only for marketing reasons, to create the illusion it's better than 2.

GrilledCheeseBook3068d ago

doesn't anyone think that it may vary game to game depending on how the developer uses it

just because a game uses cryengine 2 doesn't mean it'll be incredibly detailed
Crysis 2 will most likely be less detailed to compensate for the consoles not the features of cryengine3

3068d ago
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