F1 2010: Team Radio Trailer released

A new gameplay video of Codemasters F1 2010 demonstrate team radio and disabled weather effects.

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Hellsvacancy3018d ago

Looked alright (i like F1)

Off topic but has GT5 got a Grand Prix mode? like full races/championship?

EvilBlackCat3017d ago

Its GT5 a dedicated F1 game?

MaximusPrime3018d ago

Codemasters did a pretty good job on F1. (btw this is my first trailer i viewed)

Speed of car, feel of car, sound of car all seem just right.

I'd like to try a demo, if there will be one..

Avto3018d ago

God, the radio was awful, I thought maybe codemasters could avoid this nonsense radio, Studio Liverpool games were cursed with, but there you have it I mean no F1 driver needs to be taught about the slipstream or turbulent air behind the car. Also why does this video looks like it is being played on the idiot difficulty setting?

Jdoki3018d ago

Agreed. Awful radio. Totally ruins the immersion. At least they could get a decent voice actor, and add a bit of interference/muffling as if listening to it wearing a crash helmet, rather than making it sound crystal clear.

skwidd3017d ago

Is awful and Codemasters always been awful with voices. I hated it in Dirt and Grid and took away so much from the otherwise really good and fun games. I'd rather no talking at all. GT5 better not integrate a "helpful" voice for noobs.

stevenhiggster3017d ago

Totally agree. They said they're trying to make it uber realistic, I'm a massive F1 fan, and I don't remember Jenson Buttons chief mechanic being a geordie! And I don't imagine he talks to him constantly like that either, Codemasters just had to get they're nonsence in there somewhere didn't they.

jrisner3017d ago

WOW amazing...cannot wait for this. Yea the radio is a tad annoying, hopefully its fixed by the release. I'm blown away with how well everything looks, wonder if vid is PS3 or 360.

retrofly3017d ago

Why are the tyres screeching? I've been watching F1 for years and the onyl time i've heard tyre screeche is during a crash. Its horribe get rid of it. Hopefully you can switch off radio chatter too!

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