Call of Duty: Black Ops or Medal of Honor?

This fall see’s arguably the two greatest first-person shooter brands go head to head, but which one will come out critically, commercially and revolutionary better than the other?

Call of Duty: Black Ops or Medal of Honor?

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xYLeinen3016d ago

As soon as Activision announces 10 bucks a month or so for multiplayer for Black Ops I'm guessing Medal of Honor >_>

Joule3016d ago

This is exactly what i'm trying to decide but yeah if Activision starts charging for online its gonna be Medal of Honor.

NecrumSlavery3016d ago

I feel bad for saying this but, I actually like the cinematic feel of Black Ops. I enjoy COD. But if they charge I won't buy. I'll just rent and play the campaign. I am currently playing the MoH Beta, and I like it. But it needs a lot of work. My biggest peeve is how it's glitchy and laggy as you die. And with no killcam, it's frustrating watching you die at 3 frames a sec not knowing from where. But a few tweaks and I'll be all for it.

I do have say with so much coming this fall, and GT5 and Reach, I may just pass up on the online anyway.

xYLeinen3016d ago


I agree about the MoH beta. I am enjoying it as well, but it needs a decent amount of work. I keep hoping their will give a better multiplayer experience than Black Ops but I somehow doubt it. CoD franchise is solid, very solid imo. And as far I'm concerned, Treyarch is doing some good stuff to the multiplayer. Removing nuke, extended knife distance etc.

NecrumSlavery3016d ago

@ xyleinen

I hated the nuke feature. Should of been a game mode, not a perk. As much as we all hate it, we got to admit COD is a really decent franchise, with a lot of variety.

Scary693016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Can you provide a link where Activision is thinking of charging for playing Black ops online? As I did not know this and can also be a reason for me to not purchase this game.

Legosz3015d ago

The only way MoH is going to beat Call of Duty is if Activision starts charging for their multiplayer. However, if people still play then my lord, gaming is going to turn into monthly pays.

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Checkmate3016d ago

then why the hell did you click the link and post a comment??

TheXgamerLive3016d ago

neither one, i prefer GHOST RECON FUTURE SOLDIER.

karl3016d ago

then u guys think that cod black ops its better than MOH?

socomnick3016d ago

Black ops all the was as long as Black ops has no vehicles.

Vehicles and COD gameplay dont mix.

WAW and COD 3 sucked because of the vehicles.

deanobi3016d ago

black ops does have confirmed vechicles in the main story and multiplayer

socomnick3016d ago

Yea I seen vehicles for the sp thats fine.

I havent seen anything confirming vehicles for mp. If there are vehicles for the mp they better be killstreaks and not be in team deathmatch, be in the war game mode.

BattleAxe3016d ago

There were tanks in WaW, so whats the problem? Its easy to take them out with rockets and sticky bombs.

BattleAxe3016d ago

Black Ops, or if there are any online charges.....nothing. MoH looks like crap.

J-Smith3016d ago

i will wait for killzone 3

arakouftaian3015d ago

Will be SOCOM 4 so just save your money and save bad experience from
other games just get Socom 4 and if you dont have a PS3 buy one for this game
if you really love shooters if you can't just get Halo reach and have fun.

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tdogchristy903016d ago

Strictly for the amazing, historical, realistic war that is currently going on. Like the ww2 days of old, a game based on something real that we can see on tv, not some Tom Clansey action flick like COD.

BubblesDAVERAGE3016d ago

Nukes...runing forever....shall i go on....COD is not real

Garnett3016d ago

MoH is just CoD on the BC2 engine, its not really that realistic either, plus if you think Realistic = fun then Operation Flash Point is the best game EVER!!!!!!

S_C3016d ago

I was going to get COD but if they start charging for online it will be none of them, played the MOH beta and found it very boring so im thinking of waiting till Socom comes out then getting that with the move and then onto KZ3

tdogchristy903016d ago

not that I disagree with you. But doesn't anyone play games for the singleplay/story anymore. I'm only 22 but I sure do...too many people just skip over it and judge on multiplayer alone.

Game-ur3016d ago

Agree, Halo is my favorite FPS and I never play its multiplayer.

claterz3016d ago

I dont think black ops and MoH would be at the top of anyones list for single player games lol, I think both titles will be mainly geared towards the MP.
OT I'm not buying either, too many great games coming out to be spending my money on generic games. If I HAD to choose i'd go with CoD.

chak_3016d ago

hell yeah, I love SP, but no way in hell am I going to buy 60€ a 8h solo experience.

STICKzophrenic3016d ago

I'm a single player campaign gamer first and foremost. I haven't even touched the MP component on a lot of the games in my collection.

I don't think I'll be getting either this year, but if I had to pick it'd be Black Ops. The campaign looks like it'll be pretty cool.

Kakkoii3016d ago

Of course people still play games for the story. But you have to remember that most people don't want to play the same story over and over again. Once you've played through single player once or twice, it's done for you. But with multi-player it's unlimited fun. Thus it is the most important for an FPS.

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Fishy Fingers3016d ago

I'm enjoying the MOH beta at the moment, I only like the larger objective based map though, but I just know I'll end up buying Black Ops, mainly because my mates will.

But still, I like the COD games, I know they get a lot of flack, much of which I agree with, but I just have fun playing them and thats what its all about.

aviator1893016d ago

I know that the majority of the people here think badly of Activision and their ways as do I. But you can't deny the fact that CoD games are super addictive with pretty awesome gameplay.

deanobi3016d ago

killstreaks do add for the fun and achievement

Kakkoii3016d ago

But at the same time they are also a bit unbalanced in MW2. Your good enough to get a 7 kill streak, then you're given a harrier and breeze your way through a shitload more kills with little effort.

There really should be options to customize allowed killstreaks on a server. Or play any mode with them off completely. I heard they are trying to balance the killstreaks a bit better in black ops, also removing the nuke.

lodossrage3016d ago

was when I ended people's kill streaks and they cursed me out. Good times lol