Xbox 360 “S” Console Stock Shortages Reported

The newly redesigned Xbox 360 console launched in the UK yesterday, Friday 16th July 2010, and as might have been expected, demand appears to be outstripping supply. Having contacted a number of national, local and independent stockists, Electronic Theatre has learned that gamers looking to acquire one of the new Xbox 360 “S” consoles this weekend may have a difficult task ahead of them.

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Wonder how many XBOX's the average owner has bought/owned/replaced?


Perfectly legitimate rhetorical question

Boody-Bandit3067d ago

and currently own 5 (3 Jaspers, 1 Elite Falcon and 1 Zephyr).

rezzah3067d ago

those arnt people, just 360 faboys with a dildo up their ass, its funny how much they deny the truth even with a picture in their face. Well just shows their stupidity for disagreeing.

darthv723067d ago

bought: 2 (pro/elite)
owned: 2 (same units)
replaced: none

Now, ps2 is a different story.

vhero3067d ago

I bought 3 before the 3rd finally died (2 replacements) and I gave up. People at the time said PS3 was more expensive but the cost of replacing 360's was just too much. Back then though 360 did have the better line-up for JRPG's now that's changed.

s8anicslayer3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I traded my Elite for a Slim last week and I love it, My 360 love has been reborn and I now play it a hell of alot more more now. However this is my 3rd 360 and as far as numbers go in overall sales I know for a fact that RROD played a major role in the 360's user base with a high percentage of owners having bought multiple consoles throughout the years, but like it or not that puts the 360 ahead of the PS3 in sales and it also sells a ton more software which would leave many to believe that most people only own a PS3 for it's blueray capability. It is not our job to worry about these things because we're consumers not shareholders and competition only benefits us with better products and in the end we all win...Happy Gaming!


Im also on my third PS3 and second XBOX and Brutallyhonest that's nuts

Double Toasted3067d ago

If you ever bought a 360 more than once because of RROD...then you're an idiot.

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TheLeprachaun3067d ago

I got mine yesterday. I'm loving it. :D

Threesix3067d ago

Apparently people disagree with you enjoying something. Well isn't that nice of you N4G.

dragonelite3067d ago

n4g where stating fact and opinion gets you disagree.
It's like telling a child 1+1=2 while he think its 3 and he just keeps on disagreeing.

Aquanox3067d ago

Of course it's on shortage, everyone wants one.

MaximusPrime3067d ago

people making money on ebay

zootang3067d ago

They are selling for less than retail on ebay. They can be bought for £180

MorganX3067d ago

Not in the US. I checked. If I found one, I would've bought it. BTW, it's not sold until the bidding is over.

zootang3067d ago

Morgan look at completed listings

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