'CHILD OF EDEN' is basically 'REZ' for the Playstation Move and Kinect - looks awesome!

Looking at the recently released video of "Child of Eden" at E3, one could be forgiven for thinking that in the 9 years since the release of Rez, the creator of both titles Tetsya Mizuguchi has had a somewhat inspiration flatline.

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brazilianbumpincher3015d ago

wonder if they will still say that now its been revealed its on move also? you know how bias these journalists are

ms should have tried to get this exclusive could have been a killer app for kinect

hazeblaze3015d ago

This was confirmed for Move back at E3. They just didn't have a Move build on display. And the only reason Kinect got so much attention surrounding the game is because it was the only game that sparked any interest in Kinect's potential for gaming.

rockleex3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

That sparked interest in Kinect's potential for gaming!


Like that one Street Fighter game that HHG said would change fighting games forever! Oh wait...


MmaFanQc3015d ago

....for 5-10 minutes, but i think it will simply be better with the precision of the ps move.

rdgneoz33015d ago

Hopefully it works well, and doesn't suffer any lag. Macy's in NCY demo made me cringe,

EVILDEAD3603015d ago

The difference was Ubisoft led their conference with 'Eden..amazing with no controller

Multi-plat or not..IMO the best game in Kinects library..

Quagmire3015d ago

is this actually confirmed for PSMove? hope so

siyrobbo3015d ago

thought i read somewhere that the dev didnt even have a move dev kit

then again most 'articles' on n4g are nothing of the sort

sikbeta3015d ago

The Trailer of CoE have the PS and PS3 Logo, maybe the Move Logo wasn't necessary cos It can be played with the DS3 or because the game is focused on motion-controls, so it was kind of obvious, maybe, Idk...

Fishy Fingers3015d ago

Child of Eden supports, Move, Kinect and standard control pads.

Game-ur3015d ago

According to the trailer...yes

Coffin873015d ago

I have more or less no idea how this game is being played or what exactly the player is doing, but it looks spectacular. Reminded me of flow a lot.
Nice to see such games, a little eye candy is always nice.

DaTruth3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Was that a game? I hope they showed some kind of gameplay that got everyone hyped for this.

After watching this video, I can't even imagine how this game would play... can't even imagine how this is a game!

Edit:Coffin beat me 2 it!

Game-ur3015d ago

Some gameplay footage:

webeblazing3015d ago

soooo you wave your hand left and right and the game plays itself im i the only person seeing this. theres a reason people said u need buttons cause we played eyetoy a long time ago and it sucked

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The story is too old to be commented.