D+PAD Magazine: Maestro! Green Groove - Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine:

There was a time when rhythm action titles were almost uniformly eccentric/borderline insane – let’s look at the evidence: The genre was first popularised with Parappa the Rappa, which saw a paper thin, rapping dog being taught karate by an onion. Then, we got to assume the role of a guitar playing lamb in UmJammer Lammy, before picking up a Gitaroo in Gitarooman and blasting a Jazz playing Bumblebee called Mojo-Mojo Kingbee out of existence with our musical skills. Even the more serious arcade titles relied on beefy, oversized cabinets, the likes of which gamers could only dream of having in their living rooms…Luckily, despite the genre’s street-cred, there are still stalwarts keeping the quirky-flame alight – Maestro! Green Groove is one such title

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