Modern Warfare 2: Old Secret Lady emerged

New easter egg emerged: The Old Secret Lady in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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rockleex3040d ago

Is this a mod on PC or something?

writersblock3040d ago

But it doesnt really look that fake, its very well edited

Dark_Vendetta3040d ago

It is fake (also stated in the article), still funny

spandexxking3040d ago

can we ban these german websites. they take forever to load because of the translator and most of the infomation is fake.

goxbox3603040d ago

It's the translator and the fact that the websites themselves are badly designed. Also because they seem to have half the pages opperating on Java half of the time, like the slideshows which would run much better with flash.

Oh well.

Lykon3040d ago

bubble + ....couldn't agree more , every time i click on a news article and it's german I feel i've been Rick Rolled again

ilikecookies3040d ago

have said it better myself bubble + for you...It's so annoying reading something interesting only to click it and its one of these German sites..

3040d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.