White Knight Chronicles 2: new scans, guide

Got the import of White Knight Chronicles 2? Famitsu and Dengeki want to show you some stuff. Don't have it? Still some pretty pictures.

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Godmars2903111d ago

So how long do we have to wait for a Western release?

Chuk_Chuk3111d ago

6-9 months i'm guessing

rdgneoz33111d ago

Hopefully we get it by Jan/Feb.

Redempteur3111d ago

what pain me is that it will take longer because they have to basicly translate the quest part of the game too ( complete with all secrets and items ) AND record the voices ..i just hope they include japanese voices this time because when you have the childhood friend of the hero screaming
"hey hey don't go too fast" every 2 minutes i'd rather hear it in japanese since the VA doesn't seems that bad .

knightdarkbox3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Jeez, it looks EXACTLY the same graphics :(. I'm just going to skip this series altogether.




rdgneoz33111d ago

I wonder how you could have ever gotten down to 1 bubble? Back to your cave, troll.

Sanzee3111d ago

It's just his opinion. Trolling means your being a douchbag to someone, he's not being a douchebag, he's just stating his opinion. Get your terms right rdgneoz3

Chris3993111d ago

he's in basically every article regarding WKC bashing the game. Often he makes wild claims about the game-play and graphics, when he has CLEARLY never played the game. He wasn't even able to tell the difference when a WKC 1 trailer was posted as WKC 2 media and went off on a tirade about how the game looked exactly the same (as it was, being WKC 1). It is quite likely that doesn't even have a PS3.

There are lots of dual/ triple console owners with varying/ conflicting opinions on games - I am one of them.

He is not one of them. If you actually paid attention, you would know he's a regular troll on WKC threads. Him and labwarrior.

Meowhammad3111d ago

He's trolling, but he's also telling the truth...

Baka-akaB3111d ago

what truth ? he never played the game and 99% of his posts are about trolling the ps3 .

He wouldnt know if wkc2 looks better (wich it actually does) or good at all besides trailer . And regardless he'd spin it negatively .

Meowhammad3111d ago

Maybe he hasn't, but I've played the game and it looks the same.
It doesn't look good enough to be a squeal. I liked WKC, the only improvement is that you can get your own Knight.

The story was so generic.

Chris3993111d ago

anyone that likes JRPGs or MMOs will tell you that the real draw wasn't the single-player.

I logged over 500 hours into that game online. The MP is addictive as Hell. I could care less about the story. I'm sorry but there hasn't been any other FREE MMO/ JRPG hybrid that I can think of this gen. The game should get props at least for the depth of content they give you in the package. Whether people took the time to explore or enjoy that content is another matter altogether (most journalists did NOT, as the reviews went up before the servers were live - can't review online when it doesn't exist).

radphil3110d ago

"I liked WKC, the only improvement is that you can get your own Knight. "

And the alteration/changes on the battle system, along with a few other things. ಠ_ಠ

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Lumbo3111d ago

I hope they won't take a year again to release it in the west :( It is high on my "wanna buy" list

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HelghastKid3111d ago

Gah can't wait for this game! Just finished part 1 now im off to beating final fantasy.

FFXNo13111d ago

M 2, I finished the game lat week and I started FFXIII right afterward

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