Examining Choice In Dragon Age: Origins

Many readers and staff on this site have praised BioWare's high fantasy epic Dragon Age: Origins for its compelling story, loveable characters, and nail-biting decisions. Truly, it is a great game, but no one has had the time or focus to closely examine each of the games major choices in an effort to discover what makes them so great. A closer examination reveals that not all of these choices are nearly as good as the others. This article aims to teach what makes story choices in a game compelling, and what makes them forgettable.

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Kahvipannu3040d ago

"1) The choice should be more than just "good" or "bad", but if there is an "ideal" choice, it should be hard to execute, but still have some form of negative consequence.
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3) Choices should be compelling regardless of what type of character you are playing.
4) There must be consequences for the choice either immediately or later in the game.
5) Players must be mostly or at least partially aware of either the immediate repercussions, the distant ones, or both. Surprises are good, but players should never be totally in the dark.
6) When a choice involves siding with one faction over another, the player should have legitimate reasons for his selection, but should still feel sympathy for the other side."

DA had all of these. *SPOILERS* It was so cool how you could effect all big choises in the world, Werewolfes attacking Elfs FTW, or spoiling ashes of the Andraste. And there was always two points of view. Bioware just knows how to do these things, Awesome game!*SPOILERS END*

Currently finished it one, and two other characters about level 15, and Awakening still to play. These will do until the sequel hits the stores.