Unseen Kinect footage from Macy's in NYC

Now that he had hands on time with the Kinect, Warzonegamer gives his personal insights on how the games played out and what we can expect from it when its released this November. Plus all new unseen footage from the staff playing the Kinect event held at Macy's.

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Deathracer3014d ago

I'm going to the NYC location tomorrow, so I will judge for myself on how well it works. Not getting my hopes up though.

Elvfam5113014d ago

What I didn't understand from Ms is why would they take out the chip from Kinect.

Which Macy is this in NY.

Triella3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Normally Kinect should have been equiped with a single-chip custom-silicon solution like in the diagram below. In this configuration part of the data processing (determine depth based on the pattern's deformation as captured by the infrared, and its transcription into points cloud) could have been carried out by the cam itself providing the console with ready to use datas.

I've read somewhere an interview of PrimeSens CEO (before the company was bought by MS), who said this cam costs less than 100$ to produce and with time production costs could even come as low as 20$ to 30$ per cam.

Apprently MS decided to cut costs once again by getting rid of the internal chip, and instead licenced Gesturetek's movement recognition software to transcribe what the cam sees in raw datas, thus resulting in the 360 processor carrying out all the workload (this is were the lag comes from)

HolyOrangeCows3014d ago

At the response times I see in the videos, I wouldn't either.

Bigpappy3014d ago

Kinect works better than this. What I have notice here is that they are playing about 3 to 4 ft from the camera. They should be about 6 weeks away.
M$ is doing this wrong. They should have guide lines posted about where the camera needs to be; how far away you need to be based on hight. This is a camera, it will be affected by bright back grounds and distance, like any other camera. M$ needs to have well trained people at these sites who know how to setup and use the camera.

I can see that this guy will become the HHG for all things Kinect. He is a way bigger PS3 fanboy than HHG. I know he knows better than to go that close to the camera, if he wants it to track his big body. He is the same guy that tried to pass off a Z-Cam Demo as an Eyetoy. Till this day some fanboys here at N4G still beleive that Eye is a 3D camera that can do what Kinect can.

Anon19743014d ago

Look at part 5. That guy has to be easily 6 feet tall, if not taller and look how far he is away from the screen. Judging from his height they're easily 6-7 feet away from the camera.

And this looks bad. It's like the big guy is playing a totally different game from what Kinect sees. He moves and his avatar doesn't budge. Kinect seemed to be able to track the first player in the white shirt better but the lag was still obvious. You have to move well in advance of what's going on on-screen, just like the lag that was present at the E3 demo's done on stage.

As for having someone there to guide them, how would that look. " have to stand so far back. Too far! Now not far enough. Here, I'll just put and X on the floor and you stand there. Now you can't sit. And that shirt's a little baggy, you'll have to take it off. Ok, now that that's all out of the way, you and one other person are sure to have a great time!"

I don't know. Pointing out all the system's limitations and restrictions aren't going to make Kinect fly off the shelves. I think the better option would be to remain quiet and let people find out for themselves. On a side note, who the hell has 6-8 feet of space away from their TV's in their living room that they can bounce around in without having to move around furniture to simply play a game?

TheTeam063014d ago

I agree. Casual games are meant for pick up and play. The Wii made it very simple. It would take one minute tops to hop into a game and play and with the brief overview of what the buttons do before playing, you had no one who felt as if they needed to show you.

Even other hands-free gaming peripherals like the EyeToy did it better than this, but only because it was simple (which also made it inexpensive - another plus). When you passed by an EyeToy, what would you see? Menus? No, you'd see none other than yourself. From right then and there, you know where you were, where you had to be in actual space and where your hand had to be to activate something.

The menus for Kinect Adventures seemed unnecessarily long and involved too much hand work. Picking avatars, picking the game, sliding your hand across to skip the tutorial (which basically said nothing but "jump") and all to lean and jump in a raft.

Simply put, the thing needs work. The "bottom of an avatar's shoe" style twitching is undeniably existent and it looks annoying to get over. No need for calibration is great, but not when there's no option but to twitch and see your avatar be unresponsive.

DatNJDom813014d ago

The amount of fail is just inconceivable..... I really dont understand how u can honestly say this shit is hot. Sorry but Move looks way more promising than this shit.

otherZinc3014d ago

Its apparent that those clowns went to Macy's with the intent on hating on Kinect. The big guy was trying to act as if Kinect didnt work, flailing his hands & arms, & the camera picked up every foolish attempt of his trying to discredit the system.

The camera even picked up his side arm movements. His entire narrative was highly misleading.

Listen PS3 Super Fans, absolutely nothing you guys say or do on these sites will slow the sales of this machine. Every soccer mom in the US will have one this holiday.

Soccer Moms don't watch the internet & everything you haters say will fall on death ears.

Kinect will sellout across this country & there's nothing you haters can do about it.

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jerethdagryphon3014d ago

thanks for the input bout what iexpected.

good vids informitive without beign dramatic

MariaHelFutura3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Why are they demo'ing it????? Its too unresponsive to be publicly demo'ing it.

- Ghost of Sparta -3014d ago

I'm not sure why you got disagrees. Kinect is the laggiest piece of shit I've ever seen.

stuna13014d ago

But in my opinion it also debunks a lot of reviewers that have basically put their reputations on the line, by saying that microsoft have eliminated the lag in natal, and that not good!

MariaHelFutura3014d ago

Some people here disagree w/ the person not the statement.

jneul3014d ago

First MS bring the first console to have a stupidly high failure rate and now MS bring the first motion controller which lags, is fussy about where you stand how tall you are, what color you are, what you are wearing, the vbice recognition messes up once in a while and don't talk about the horrible menu selection process, more time setting it up than playing the game.
Anyone who supports this peripheral is not a gaming enthusiast end of story no product this flawed should sell well it will make other company's think they can get away with selling products which don't work properly...

ClownBelt3014d ago

They made the title sounds like someone found a leaked porn video of an old celebrity.

Imperator3014d ago

Look at all that lag. No wonder MS was so scared of showing it.

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