Is Apple's Solution Better Than These Other Hardware Fixes?

Kotaku: Free cases for all iPhone 4 users! How does Apple's fix compare to some of gaming's more recent hardware problem solutions? Let's take a look.

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Conloles3068d ago

Whoever thinks this is so 'kind' and 'good' of Apple is so delusional. They provide a free case up until September then what? Your screwed. They design a sexy looking phone and then just cover it up, Im glad they did this - still leaves them open to antitrust regulations.

Pedobear Rocks3068d ago are supposed to be the epitome of function AND design for consumer electronics and you failed HARD.

ASSASSYN 36o3068d ago

And 70% of people complaining about the iphone 4... don't own one.

MEsoJD3068d ago

Everyone I know with an Iphone 4 loves it, including me.

They're also not bitching. ^_^

There are many other smart phones that lose reception when you hold them a certain way.

spooky2053068d ago

not because it isnt good, but because of AT&T. If i did own a iphone i would probably get a case for it anyways because apple products are so prone to scratches. However the sheer fact that the iphone drops calls by holding it a certain way clearly proves that the device wasnt tested properly. The previous iteration doesnt have this problem. When you release new tech you should at least extensively test it because if there is a flaw people will definitely find it. I agree asthetics does not trump fuction but i expected better from apple.

ASSASSYN 36o3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Exactly what phone is immune to scratching?

spooky2053067d ago

glossy black finish. They are usually matte black or some sort of type of material not so easily scratchable. I find it quite humorous however that out of my whole arguement the only thing you could come up with as a rebuke was that. Most phones will not smudge as easily as a iphone too. Hence another reason why i would buy a case with it. Spin it how you like. The new iphone 4 has a design flaw.

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X-Frame3068d ago

How long did it take Microsoft to acknowledge the 360's RROD? Like at least a year?

Apple did this in 22 days. I'd say they deserve a gold star. They admit (not right up-front, but they do) that they made a mistake.

I have an iPhone 4 and I never dropped a call but I do experience the "dropped bars" phenomenon if I purposely shoot for it. Still, I'm happy to get my free case.

jdktech20103068d ago

Are you serious? Their original thing was essentially buy a case or get over it......I can guarantee that this move was ONLY brought on by media and consumer pressure.

So the first time Apple makes a case in the history of the so happens to be when there's an antenna issue that is fixed by having their bumper case on it. And they are gonna charge 39 dollars for it.....come on Apple.

Look, I have loved Apple products for a long time but the wya they handled this (plus AT&T network issues) influenced me to head to Verizon and pick up the Droid X (amazing device btw).

To each their own but Apple pissed me off a bit with this whole antennagate

Bolts3068d ago

You can't RROD a 360 in five minutes but with an iphone 4 you can demonstrate the flaw of Apple's design very quickly. The problem is why bother designing such a sexy shell around the phone when the inherent flaw forces the end user to wrap it up in plastic anyway?

jadenkorri3068d ago

you obviously don't do technical support for iphones. iphones should all be burned along with blackberrys and 360s. When did our society come to a point of acceptance of defective products being sold and continue to do so.

DORMIN3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Thats a neat solution, plus you get a free case out of it, i guess.

Pedobear Rocks3068d ago

a neat solution would be to fix the design...I paid a premium for the iPod's looks and now it needs a condom?

PBR doesn't use condoms.

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jdktech20103068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Meh, I like mine better....Got a Droid X

Oh, and for the record...I've had an iPhone for 3 years up until a few days ago

Edit: Folezicle....the problem is that Android phones are developing so quickly that if they wait, they'll get outclassed in a hurry. They almost have to keep the yearly update going or they could very well start losing serious market share

NYPunkster3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I needs my software... quick!

Updates I needs them... QUICK!!

pimpmaster3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )


hows that working for you. ive been using a 3g for a year now , last week i bought a evo 4g and didnt like it at all. the android OS gaming scene is completely dead, i was getting games for free and i couldnt even find 10 that id want to play. the touchscreen was alot worse also that the iphone, id make so many mistakes when texting. oh an the evos battery life was attrocious. with that said , i sold the evo and went back to my iphone 3g. im just going to keep this phone until the iphone 4 is unlockable then ill get a used one and hook it up with tmobile. :D

oh yea and OS 4 blows, i just recently upgraded my phone back to 3.1.2 hehe and OMG its so fast now. :D

Folezicle3068d ago

I was giong to go get the Iphone, but I'm now looking at the Windows Phone 7, as I enjoy developing programs, and a lot of this stuff can be done on the WP7.. I think Apple need to pace themselves, releasing a new model each year is too quick.

rdgneoz33068d ago

I love the PS3's "dreaded" problem. Internal clock problem that solved itself in 24 hours, heh. Quickest solution fix? :P

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