Do Violent Video Games Create Violent People?

On June 7, 2003, 18-year-old Devin Moore shot and killed three police officers. Moore stole the gun of officer Arnold Strickland, fired upon him and two other officers, then proceeded to steal a police cruiser, only to be arrested moments later. At the time of his arrest, Moore said, "Life is like a video game: You got to die sometimes."

Moore claimed that he had been inspired by the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and many people felt that the makers of the game should be held accountable for influencing this horrible crime. However, did Moore commit the act because he played the game, or was he drawn to the game because of a longstanding attraction to violence? Should games be allowed to depict acts of violence if people can potentially mimic that violence in real life?

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NYC_Gamer3016d ago

those people had some type of issues way before they even touched video games

mikeslemonade3016d ago

Do Violent Video Games Create Violent People? Yes. Video Games should be banned in the U.S. LMAO.

tunaks13016d ago

Duh violence was introduced with videogames it was never before seen in movies or books!
Hell I just got back from hijacking a car and killing prostitutes.

alphakennybody3016d ago

yes, its the same reason why Al-Qaeda staged the 9/11 because they lost to many soccom clan matches against the US seal's.