Breaking news! Mega Man Universe teaser trailer on PaulGaleNetwork.

Check out the first teaser trailer for Mega Man Universe, as well as story behind the game on

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Quagmire3017d ago

Never have i seen a game trailer as epic and retro as this. Lulz at the crap megaman cameo at the end.

qface643017d ago

seeing this trailer puts me off the game i don't like it as ive stated before

seeing ryu, and uh i forgot his name anyways so far wouldn't it make sense to just call it capcom universe?

seeing this trailer gives you no idea as to what your even looking at

Stephen55433017d ago

We really don't know anything yet. For all we know the cameos could just be showing off that you can create things in the game. Whenever the kid looked at something is when it was incorporated into Megaman, so the point of it may just be to show that you're only limited to your imagination. If that's true, then, no, it wouldn't make sense to call it Capcom Universe.

And I thought the trailer was awesome, I loved the retro feel of it, but hopefully we will get to see some of the actual game really soon.

Natsu X FairyTail3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

I feel the same @ Qface64. I never liked seeing Megaman with this American style. I always hated the 1st Megaman NES boxart and Hate the megman 9-10 BoxArts aswell.

Why can't they just do a Japanese style Megaman? What so hard about that? I'm starting to get pissed with japanese devs always trying to please the American Crowd. I know we are a big part of the market but cmon now This megaman universe trailer was painful to watch in my eyes. Maybe I'm too much of a ROckMan fan I dunno.


Good ole MEGAMAN Before X

MEgaman X in HD thats IT! stop with the weak stuff.

Megaman 9 Boxart


WTF IS THAT? Why did they have to do that? They went from this

to that weak stuff.

Immortal3213016d ago

I thought it would be a whole new 3d, action adventure with a cover system, and upgradable arm cannon, and back tracking in a huge megaman world!

MidnightGamer93015d ago

Hahaaa I luv the old megaman from the nes style of covers at the end. Will he be in the game?

John007guy3017d ago

Yeah that's a pretty badass trailer and I cant wait to see the actual game.

Barbie64girl3017d ago

Will it be a sidescroller, adventure game, or what? Such a cool trailer, but we need some video footage asap.

Gothdom3017d ago

I thought it was supposed to be revealed on the 22nd of july, so maybe we'll have more info then.

makult3015d ago

I hope test Next week or sometime Soon we get gameplay.

TheLeprachaun3017d ago

Who cares? It's MEGAMAN!!!!

RobinGB3017d ago

right anything mega man is great!!!!!

washingmachine3017d ago

lol hasnt this been posted from some other site already

BubblesDAVERAGE3017d ago

am i the only one going...WTF

kratos1233017d ago

nope i saw this 2 days back why is this news

finbars753017d ago

Nope I saw this 2mins ago and im like WTF! this is great news not old news.

kratos1233017d ago

but i saw this also on n4g this is really weird

Bethany3017d ago

this is new news to me. i cant wait to see what capcom does with this game. it's about time they do some big crossover thats not a fighting game. i like fighters but action or adventure with capcom characters sounds great!

Anthonynoonz3015d ago

WTF but in a good way at least!

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The story is too old to be commented.