Should Sakaguchi End Career With One Last Final Fantasy?

Andrew Reiner: "I've enjoyed the games Sakaguchi has delivered under the Mistwalker umbrella, and I can't wait to play The Last Story, but the fan boy in me only wants one thing: A new Final Fantasy game by Sakaguchi. I don't know if he left Square Enix on bad terms, or simply went off on his own to try something new. No matter what the case, he should go back to Square Enix to finish his career with the franchise that made him the icon he is today. I'd even settle for a collaboration between Mistwalker and Square. Whether this final Final Fantasy requires a team of 300 to build the most awe-inspiring entry yet, or a small team of 30 that creates a pixel-based successor to the Super Nintendo series, Sakaguchi's farewell should be with Final Fantasy."

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Newtype3043d ago


With Nintendo, his home.

Seijoru3042d ago

I think he might team up with Nomura one day for a final Final Fantasy.