Play mag Toy Story 3 Review

Breaking down how these reviews usually go, they all seem to hone in on the same criticisms. A) The game was rushed out with little budget or thought. B) That gameplay is a largely foreign concept. C) That there’s no invention. D) That the voice acting is terrible. E) That the graphics are horrible. F) That the game is plagued by unbearably repetitious tasks. G) That it’s not as good as the movie.

But what happens when a game’s developer/publisher decides that, rather than fall foul of these numerous basic trappings in the road to videogame obscurity, it will instead set out to make something respectable; something at which no one in their right mind could possibly sling any of the mud catalogued above. Something whose quality screams out at your every fleeting control input. Such is the lot for the almost too-brilliant Toy Story 3.

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