What Is So Great About Dual Core And Quad Core Computers?

"There was once a time when all you had to worry about was how fast your computers processor was, you didn’t have to worry about much else. Well times have changed, and now (among other things) you need to take into consideration if you need a multi core processor. My goal for you by the end of this article is to have a better understanding of what these are, and why you may want to invest in one next time you buy a new computer."

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chak_3014d ago

thuban are what i'm looking at ATM.

intel's are so expensive it hurt my wallet. And changing socket every year starts to piss me off a little, AM3 is a very flexible plateform, I like that

Though my PC renewal is not for now, 6 month at least from now

Letros3014d ago

AM3 is flexible, but Bulldozer(Q1 2011) will not be AM3, and is supposed to be an architecture overhaul, the first for AMD since K10(the gamers processor back the day), so maybe Thuban will be short lived.

I'm in the mood to upgrade overhaul very soon and will choose either Sandy bridge or Bulldozer, which ever hits the market first, sources say Sandy bridge Q4 2010.

codyodiodi3014d ago

I'm content with my Intel i5 set up. It does what I need and overclocked from 2.6ghz to 3.8ghz (stable and running cool) is always a nice thing. However I do miss my old AMD computer since I could have upgraded to the six core processor out now by AMD.
Overall though I like Intel more, everything seems to run better.