Kinect Has A Purchased Victory

Ironstar's Brandon Brown writes: All the oohs and ahhs of Kinect haven't been achieved by many of the folks that have gotten a chance to play it already. Regardless, Microsoft is pumping dollars and dollars into Kinect marketing already. We know who's dealing the cards, "deep wallet" Microsoft.

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tiamat53043d ago

Translation, Microsoft is trying their hardest to make sure you can't see what a piece of s**t Kinect is until you buy it and take it home. But Sony has Coca Cola, almost a two month lead and the games to attract both hardcore anxd casual. Microsoft only has the casual who may have already committed to the Move or Wii and their hardcore will avoid the Kinect like the plague.

boogey1573043d ago

personally PS Move and Kinect are both expensive....IDK if it is worth the money yet

strickers3042d ago

No Move is not expensive.I have PSEye.I can get it for £32.

HolyOrangeCows3042d ago

HOW much did MS spend on the Kin phone?
However much it was for the ridiculous amount of advertisement, it still didn't good good because it was flawed (No one wanted to use a new social network, as they had already been established on other ones that they could access on almost ANY other phone).

I trust that at least after initial reactions to the lag and uninteresting software, Kinect will die down quickly.

Silver3603042d ago

Because the data plan was overprice for something that wasn't a true smart phone. And because of internal fighting at MS. The kin was J.Allard's project and the head of window's 7 fought and took it away from him and sent it out gimped so it would fail.

Blaze9293042d ago

also you need to know that Verizon screwed them over with the agreed data plan price point at the last minute.

LoydX-mas3043d ago

I believe the Move will be too much like a Wii HD. Kinect is different, and casuals will probably eat it up.


Not only HD, Wii also can't do some mechanics like Move.

TheTeam063042d ago

How will they react when they realize both Kinect and Move will have a camera? Will they think it's the same?

Who knows...

Gun_Senshi3042d ago

Kincet is nothing more then Eyetoy.

Till now everything show has been done on Eyetoy.

Spenok3042d ago

If kinect is different, then whats this?

Theres something i like to call the eyetoy, and its been out since 2004.

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thecreeper3042d ago

Super duper awesome coolness

Mucudadada3042d ago

Marketing is soo much more important nowadays. For every AAA game or movie, the marketing is usually what the cost of production was or more. Microsoft has to advertise the hell out of Kinect or else it will fall into obscurity mainly because it's uses and features are more readily visible based on its look.
They have quit a challenge ahead of them, but they are finishing the right ways to promote the product.
Meanwhile, Sony really needs to start promoting the Move if they want it to hit the ground running.

ShadowJetX3042d ago

I couldn't fully read your comment since I'm watching a full internet advert put out by Sony yeah.

But seriously, I agree, but to be fair, and in all honesty, I actually haven't seen that much advertising for either piece of hardware. Maybe I'm blind, or I just don't give a damn. If anything Imma more interesting in CS and the next Disgaea ya'know.

Chances are, most of us won't have the money for awhile to buy either, and if we do, we'll/they'll most likely hold on to our/their cash until we see reviews and more information and videos on how each performs yeah.

Chicago85063042d ago

U can't b serious!

"Meanwhile, Sony really needs to start promoting the Move if they want it to hit the ground running."

Ummm..have u not seen PS Move in action literally EVERYWHERE?

There's been more (Hands-On) & (Showings) for Move than it has been Kinect!...n that's a fact buddy.

Take another look at Sony's E3 Conference n u'll catch some of the partners they're partnering with to promote Move & 3D gaming.

N BTW...Move is completely off-topic with this article..
Can we for once stick to the articl on-hand, without bringing up seperate issues?

Game on!

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