Why should anyone trust Peter Molyneux?

Peter Molyneux has a history of making promises that he cannot keep, and with Fable III just around the corner it only seems natural that Peter Molyneux would be at it again.

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omodis4203016d ago

Fable one was so glitched out that I could never finish it.

ASSASSYN 36o3016d ago

Not keeping promises. As is the way of the gaming industry.

The_Zeitgeist3016d ago

Good point, at the same time though most developers don't tout all their games as revolutionary.

Xx Ziyad xX3016d ago

the real Q is Why should anyone trust ur site ?

The_Zeitgeist3016d ago

Nah the real question is how did you ever get four bubbles.

Folezicle3016d ago

Hahaha, good joke.. Ofcourse people take this serious, like as if it's a personal attack..

Otherwise PM isn't the best at keeping promises, really it Fable 1, where he made lots of promises that never came, Fable 2 was just hyped up a lot.

I like how Fable 3 isn't as hyped as Fable 2, so expectations won't be soo high, and so far the only promise he made pre-Fable 3 that won't be there for when it comes out is the use of Kinect.. But i think a lot of people really didn't want Kinect

The_Zeitgeist3016d ago

At the end the article credits Molyneux for not hyping Fable III up.