Giant Bomb | Deadliest Warrior: The Game Review

Deadliest Warrior is a neat idea for a TV show and the idea, at least, translates into games reasonably well. The premise is that they're trying to accurately look at combatants over the years, from knights to ninjas, and determining which type of combat was the best. In the game, this translates into viking vs. apache, knight vs. samurai, or... yeah... pirate vs. ninja. It's a clever idea, but the mechanics of this high-damage fighting game don't lead to a lot of interesting depth, making it all fall flat.

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Marcus Fenix3016d ago

I've bought the game 2day and im really enjoying it, yes it's shallow in terms of content if u compare it to a retail fighting game but since u got the mechanics right that what matters most, they're making DLC(s) for the game which is a good idea and since the game itself is 10$ I think the DL will be about 400 MS points max, I personally rate this game 9/10