The Sega Mega CD remembered

I suppose I was lucky. I could have taken the dip and bought a 32x as well - as it was I just shelled out £199 (!) for a Mark 2 Mega CD from John Menzies in the UK and proceeded to gape in awe at some of the atrocities that were released on this much-maligned system.

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darthv723069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

people panned it for being an add on but what an add on it was. My friend bought the original front loader from die hard in so cal when it first came out in japan. We figured out the wiring of the genesis to convert it to a japanese mega drive to make it work.

The first batch of games were mind blowing for their time (although VERY dated today) like earnest evans, sol-feace, aisle lord and of course lunar. We didnt know how to read japanese but my friend was able to beat lunar (not aisle lord though).

As the launch for the US sega cd was getting closer, we contacted this tech guy from the news paper and had some friends who worked for software etc that let us set up a demonstration for people to try. The newspaper guy was there taking pics and wrote up a nice little piece about this unit as a pre story to the US release.

Ahhh good times them...good times.

He sold it for something like $400 if i remember right. I still have my original sega cd as well as the side by side and cdx units. Oh yeah and the laseractive with sega pac (but the laser is dead :-(