Beta’s Are the Death of Demo’s

Perhaps you’ve noticed the change within the gaming industry with how publishers and developers hype their upcoming games. Actually, the only way anyone could miss this new trend is if they’ve been living in a cave watching nothing but those ridiculous Twilight movies for the past couple years. If you think about it, it’s a brilliant idea. Gamers respond to the word “beta” in a different way...

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Lex Luthor3069d ago

MW2 could of done with a beta.

SixZeroFour3068d ago

thought betas and demos are used for completely different things?

betas are more for bug testing, and demos are just to get a taste of the product and produce word of mouth (basically used for advertising)

dragonyght3068d ago

agree and beta only apply to multiplayer game

xxxAnubisxxx3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

No. Betas are used to test all aspects of games. The only ones released for consoles thus far have been multiplayer and have passed the alpha testing phase. But alpha and beta testing is done on all areas of the game. Multiplayer is just more appealing and serves a higher purpose when released to the public so lag and other server issues can be tested.

WildArmed3068d ago

there is a difference between beta phase teseting vs a beta that the developer puts out for testing by the public -- stress test etc etc (which is always going to be mulitplayer).

Betas usually happen months before the launch so they can fix the bugs and get feedback in time to tweak the game.
BC2 and UC2 beta were phenomenal..

I don't think that betas and demos overlap in purpose at all.
demos are still prominent for single player tastes.
while betas happens on not too many games (multiplayer public beta testing that is -- ofc each game has their internal alpha/beta testing teams).

So, no I think that betas are not defeating the purposes of demos and should not have to fight against each other to stay alive

Gestalt3067d ago

I think what the author means is that betas were made for fixing the game, whilst demos are meant to showcase the game to potential buyers.

However, in more recent terms (and especially in MMORPGs), betas are more often than not used as a marketing tool in itself for people to get a "first look" at the game, hence the "death of demos".