Zipper's Producer Tom Rigas On Everything SOCOM 4

This week’s Zipline, the official Zipper Interactive podcast, had Socom 4 Producer Tom Rigas talking about all things Socom and answering quite a few community questions. The biggest news came from the description of how the sighting in system works. Alongside Zipper community reps Jeremy Dunham and Chris Roper, Rigas discussed how without a scope on your gun, you enter a slightly zoomed in over-the-shoulder view, which sounds like a Socom: Confrontation style zoom. They also stated that almost all guns have at least a red dot scope, so this view would be rarely used.

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Coramoor_3015d ago

Great episode of zipline and a lot of good new information

mephman3015d ago

Yea, always good to hear more about SOCOM.

JDouglasGU3015d ago

didn't see too much of the teammate revival during the e3 demo, but that may been the fact that is was on god mode.

ShawnCollier3015d ago

Sounds like the game will be fun.

s8anicslayer3015d ago

Bring SOCOM back to it's original form with next gen graphics and you got yourself a winner.

RowSand3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

shut the fuck up idiot..if u want original style socom stick with socom 2. its time to moveone i want to see some new changes the over the shoulder view, cover system, and L1 FOR zoome looks cool!!

Nuclearwinter3014d ago

yeah they moved on from Socom 2, and as any Socom fan would tell you it sure as hell wasn't for the better.

MikeTyson3015d ago

fail, they did that already with Confrontation lol

gtsentry3015d ago

but zipper didnt make confrontation

arakouftaian3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

a fair thing will be if you ask the dev to create a equal or more epic experience
and i belive SOCOM 4 will be amazing, the gameplay at e3 demo was so fun!!!
Im sure the multiplayer experience will be epic and fun.

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