4 new Test Drive Unlimited 2 Screenshots

Atari has send out 4 new Screenshots of Test Drive Unlimited, that shows the Aston Martin One-77 ...

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FragMnTagM3043d ago

The first game was awesome and it looks like they made some really nice improvements on this one. Can't wait to cruise around in this one.

Waldi3043d ago

Yeah the first one was awesome, cant wait for the second! =D

Sneak-Out3042d ago

My most favourite Racing Game ... of all Time

kevco333042d ago

Wuldn't say "of all time"... but it's pretty close!

Terarmzar3042d ago

He said HIS most favorite of all time not the.
On subject i liked the first one on the ps2 so i will be getting this.

KingPin3042d ago

@tazz1992, test drive <the franchise> has been around for ages. since the late 80s early 90s. they were always all good games. loved em all. will be waiting to get my hands on this and gt5 :D the graphics are quite good too. cant wait! :D

Lykon3042d ago

german article fail...

looking forward to this game , i love ibiza

3042d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.