The 7 Stages of Playing Against a Girl on XBox Live

Dorkly takes a humorous look at the typical Xbox Live reaction to meeting a girl in-game.

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dizzleK3015d ago

playing with a girl?

demand tits

amrasmord3015d ago

Stereotype much? -_-'...

Quagmire3015d ago

Why you on N4G? Thought i told you to go make me a sammich!

UnSelf3015d ago

the articles actually pretty funny

Quagmire however....not so much

amrasmord3015d ago

Are you stalking me? :P

Karl Marx3015d ago

He's Quagmire what'cha expect?!

Playerz83015d ago

Wow, didn't know there was somebody actually named "Quagmire" on N4G.

OutgoingSquall3015d ago

Hey blaze I use my microphone.

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The story is too old to be commented.