6 Kinect accidents waiting to happen

Microsoft's Kinect is bound to spark plenty of gaming injuries, just like the Wii did when it first released. Here's a few accidents that no gamer would want to experience when the peripheral releases later this year.

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Cevapi883068d ago

could you imagine how easy it would be to mess with someone who is playing a game...instead of standing infront of a tv like usual...just stand behind a player and do a bunch of crazy movements and enjoy the laughs that ensue...

dizzleK3068d ago ShowReplies(2)
joypads3068d ago

kinect isn't for families,it isn't for hardcore gamers it isn't for gaming this is an experiment that microsoft's nerds thought with some hype & fake vids its going to take off,not even bribes are going to save them this time.

john master lee3068d ago

Agree with you on point 1 and 2. But I don't think this was merely experiment. This was a direct attempt to steal some marketshare from Nintendo and their Wii. Whether they are successful at it almost seems kinda moot. Interest in the Wii has dropped so much during its peak.

darthv723068d ago

you will see that gaming from its early infancy was all just an experiment. It has evolved over time. Why should this be part of that evolution?

It is not reinventing the wheel. it is just eliminating us from having to hold it while driving in a game.

Dramscus3068d ago

But in real life you drive with a wheel. Why ever would you want to use an imaginary one.

Jdash243068d ago

Doctor: How did you say sprained your ankle again?
Kinect player: I was umm.....trying to drop kick skittles and I fell

execution173068d ago

thanks for the laughs here have a bubble

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The story is too old to be commented.