Guardian: Milo and Kate: life, not as we know it

Guardian: At the TEDGlobal conference in Oxford, games designer Peter Molyneux demonstrated his studio's latest project: a virtual human being. In the game, currently titled Milo and Kate, the player can interact with a boy called Milo on the screen, ask him questions, go fishing together, catch snails and, most astonishingly, offer Milo comfort when he's feeling sad and be understood."

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cobraagent3043d ago

There are social people who love to communicate with other people etc They will not play with Milo but instead they will go outside. There are also people who love being alone and don't like to communicate with others. If they don't like to communicate in general why they hell would they want to communicate with a fictional person? Not even pedophiles will like it... there is not much interaction...