GTAIV Delay : More Conspiracy theories - Sony bribed Rockstar, Rockstar can't fit the game onto a DVD and more

Theory 4. Sony bribed Rockstar to delay GTA IV. Sony made a recent deal with Rockstar. As a result, a new mystery franchise was 'unveiled'. However, the nature of the deal and the agreed sum remain a closely guarded secret. Now, also consider that Microsoft has the upper hand when it comes to GTA IV, thanks to the aforementioned DLC exclusive. Anyone looking to buy a new console in order to play GTA IV has therefore decidedly little incentive to choose a PS3 over an Xbox 360 (from a purely gaming perspective).

Also, the last thing that Sony needs is an even bigger surge in sales of the Xbox 360 this Xmas. Therefore, although pushing both the Xbox 360 and PS3 version sales into 2008 harms both console manufacturers, the damage it does to Microsoft is a little bit higher. This would also give time to quash the idea that the 360 version would be hitting shelves a couple of weeks ahead of the PS3 version.

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ben hates you4097d ago

thats true, someones playing a little dirty

tplarkin74097d ago

It hurts Sony more. Why? Because there are now zero reasons to buy a PS3 this holiday. There are zero killer apps for the PS3 and about 3 killer apps for 360. (Halo 3, Mass Effect, and the 3 JRPGs if you count them as 1 since JRPGs do sell systems.)

Premonition4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

For me there are only 2 Big titles that really stand out for the 360, #1 on that list is Halo 3 and the 2nd is Bioshock, your third game has been there done that really, with Knights of the old republican. Now as for PS3, I think your forgot, UT3, HAZE, SOCOM, Uncharted Drakes, Ratchet and clank, Heavenly Sword, and Maybe LAIR, Warhawk is really for the Holidays since it comes out this month unless its pushed into Oct since nothing is really there since GTA4 is gone.

EDIT: 1.2, ok then so lets put it this way then, since im sure you werent really big on PS2 last gen. Out of all the 3 ya just 3 you named Halo 3 will be the system seller no doubt, that and because its a well known game, as for the other 2, I dont think they will move as much units as you think, just because you frown apon what great games PS3 has this year in its early life cycle. Socom has a huge fanbase its not even funny, and this is what might get the PS2 fanbase to move over to the PS3 especially if sony brings out the rumored 399 SKU. Ratchet has been around a while as well, and naughty dog has been a big dev team since way back, as for Heavenly Sword and LAIR they probably will sell less since they are practically new, and warhawk is an old school game since PS1, so that has alot of fans as well.

EDIT: 1.4, Yes I think Mass Effect is good, but like I said its a new type of game, not really but its a new type of story so people dont really know much about, and I dont think its going to move units or get pre orders like Halo 3, so like ive stated many times out of the 3 titles the guy chose I think Halo 3 will be the biggest title to look foward to and that can actually move units.

tplarkin74097d ago

I didn't know SOCOM was coming out this year. But you should play KOTOR. It is the best RPG ever made. The other PS3 titles you listed are not system sellers. I'm not sure if SOCOM is one, either. That just happened to be successful because it was an online game on PS2, a rarity.

ben hates you4097d ago

heck mi4tk3 you don't consider Mass Effect a big thing

marinelife94097d ago

New debate for fanboys to blame each other's consoles over.

Is the delay because of Rockstar not being able to cram all their content onto a DVD9 with no hard drive?

Or is it because the PS3 architecture is still to complicated for them?

Nigglet4097d ago

Teh Ps3 is a crap machine. Everyone knows it is the problem because we already knew it was a couple weeks behind the 360. Also it takes at least 2 times as much space to make a PS3 game because of the memory problems, the most ever available at one time is half that of the 360. This means the PS3 needs a lot more time and code in order for the SPE to constantly render graphics which the xbox can do automatically with it's robust memory. Also the drive speed of the xbox makes it much easier to have better looking, smoother running games. PS3 just sucks, that is the facts. THIS IS GOOD FOR MICROSOFT though, because now the game will be released closer to the downloadable content which makes it more relevant, know when gamers decide which version they want, they will be very concious of the fact that the extra content for 360 is only 1 month away. Making it more of a selling point.

Danielson4097d ago

wow...just wow
fanboy (coughing), seriously go away

Machety4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

watch and comment cool video

IPlayGames4097d ago

Nice work

u should have posted under your own so people could reply to your comment.

ZyKlOn4097d ago

GTA IV was due for release on 17th October. Rockstar have been using the Playstation 3 as the lead platform. An Xbox 360 team have been working besides the core team adapting code. Whilst the PS3 Blu-ray disc will easily accommodate the game, there have been problems fitting the game on to a single 360 DVD disc. Microsoft will not allow the game to be released on 2 disc as they are concerned the 360 will be compared unfavourably to the PS3. The situation has led to tension between Dan Houser and the Microsoft Empire as there is currently no way the game can fit on a single dvd.

Microsoft are currently working on a new compression technology for DVD9 discs, however this wont be available until next year. In a politically worded statement Sam Houser said "The game is huge and is pushing the hardware platforms to their absolute limits. The top engineers from Sony and Microsoft are working closely with the team in Edinburgh right now, helping us to fully leverage the power of both platforms."

Whilst the PlayStation 3 version is all set for completion at the end of this month, Microsoft have tied Take Two into an iron-clad legal agreement that forbids them from releasing the game on any format unless the Xbox 360 is ready. This has meant that whilst the PS3 version will be ready for October, Microsoft have directly prevented its release. That's what happens when the Houser brothers sell their arse for the Microsoft dollar. Stupid limey gimp-bags

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Amplifier4097d ago

Why must always be about the Playstation 3 and Sony when something in the industry is FISHY or OFF?

This is getting old, their is NO reason to delay the Xbox 360 verison unless something VERY critical is missing/messed up!

Rockstar needs the holiday sales and obivously Xbox 360 can provide those but BOTH platforms are delayed, I have a very big gut feeling that this is Microsofts doing and not Sonys.


The Real Joker4097d ago

yeah but isn't there a second gunman?

Kyur4ThePain4097d ago

They have a huge franchise on their hands.
They already received money from MS for the exclusive DLC.
Why on earth would they agree to anything that would delay them getting money from sales on the 360 version?
It wouldn't make any sense.
I doubt this has anything to do with either console, especially not the PS3. What do PS3s have that the 360 doesn't? HDD, Blu-Ray space.
What does the 360 have that the PS3 doesn't?

Capt CHAOS4097d ago

Surprised that no fanboy had jumped in yet.

But for what it's worth. Rumble. ;-)

HeavyweightInTheGame4096d ago

Not trying to start a fight but it doies have better games than ps3.