GoldenEye 007 trailer

In addition to new screenshots, Activision has also released a slightly new trailer of GoldenEye 007.

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-Mezzo-3069d ago

Can't wait to play it. =]

qface643068d ago

i really don't get why some people say hey wont get it or don't like it because brosnan isn't in it
like seriously? why? that makes little to no sense

its a FPS you BARELY saw brosnan in the original as it was not to mention as i remember there was NO talking in the original so his voice is out

how does him not being in it change the game?
people should be more concerned by the fact that its being made by crappy old activision rather than brosnan not being in it

Rocket Sauce3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I'm a big fan of the movie and the n64 game, so maybe I'm seeing it differently from most people, but why even call it Goldeneye if you're going to change everything?

Brosnan's out, it's a brand new story, set in the present day, no more Cold War references - which completely changes the villain...none of this will make it a bad game, but it's just not Goldeneye. I've got issues with the game itself, this just stands out the most to me.

It's like they wanted to make their own original Bond game, but someone along the way decided this would make more money.

Valay3069d ago

Activision should have just released a completely new trailer as to not confuse anyone. Most of the snow areas show new footage.

SpoonyRedMage3069d ago

Yer, lots of stuff we've seen but honestly the game doesn't look that bad... don't know whether to skip it(what I originally intended to do).

jazzking20013069d ago

looks nic
with it was on ps3

Spenok3068d ago

Ok, so i was having this conversation with a buddy the other day. Now i find it a little odd that he's not in it either. HOWEVER you cant say that just because the character model is different you now hate the game. I mean come on, Craig is a much better Bond anyways. (imo of course) The game still looks to be decent.

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The story is too old to be commented.