Madden NFL 11 NFC West preview video and screenshots
"We turn our attention from the NFC East to the NFC West in Madden NFL 11 from EA Sports with a fresh video and screenshots for the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams. Team ratings for the conference are available as well."

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Queasy3020d ago

This has to be the worst conference overall team ratings wise...

DaRockSays3020d ago

Hey now, the cardinals made it to the superbowl recently

Queasy3020d ago

And now they have Leinart instead of Warner plus they lose their best WR. Yeah, they aren't going back anytime soon.

GiantJedi3020d ago

Yeah but they lost Warner, Rolle, and Boldin.

And to the other guy, Larry Fitzgerald is there best WR

CrAppleton3020d ago

Well, better than the NFC East, that side is just full of Douchebags.. but this is still the NFC.. so it's a loss all around

DaRockSays3020d ago

this game looks amazing! i really like what they're doing with it

MxShade3020d ago

Thumbs up for the 49ers.

Thumbs down for the Lambs.

GiggMan3020d ago

Long time 9er fan here too.

The_Zeitgeist3020d ago

Seahawks fan here....We are taking back the division this year. So all you 49ers fans can suck it. The Pete Carrol era has begun!!!!!

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