Games Radar | Arc Rise Fantasia Review

Games Radar: "Let's get straight to the point: Arc Rise Fantasia is an aggressively bland but competent JRPG. Its predictable story won't captivate you with any originality, and its battle system won't engross you with any deep strategy. On the other hand, its gameplay won't frustrate you with any glaring flaws either. If you made a bingo sheet full of RPG clichés, ARF would nearly fill every square."

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SpoonyRedMage3017d ago

I suppose it'll have to do until The Last Story, Xenoblade(please Nintendo?) and Dragon Quest X.

tunaks13017d ago

I wasn't expecting this game to score 10s it uses the tried and true formula of past rpgs.

Dravidian3017d ago

Way to give a spoiler in the first paragraph. I hate it when people dont put spoiler alerts. Is it really that hard to give a review without spoilers. Just say it was cliche, dont give explicit examples.