BioWare's Zeschuk: PC 'The Biggest Format'

NowGamer: BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk has told NowGamer that he believes the PC is the biggest gaming platform in the world

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Wizziokid3020d ago

ok, we knew that already

reload443020d ago

that's why all of his best games are multiplatform?

Aphe3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

The best game they ever made was Baldur's Gate 2, which they still haven't topped. Much to the dismay of a lot of pc gamers.

EDIT:And I'm not knocking their other games btw, I've loved pretty much everything Bioware has made. But BG2, to me, is the pinnacle of rpg gaming. A truly deep game that can be played in so many different ways, and which I still play on a yearly basis up until this day.

Nothing else they have made has come close.

Army_of_Darkness3020d ago

My PC looks great connected to my 46" HDTV.. So I just might have to try out a couple PC games on it too see how well it works out... I'm a 100% console gamer, but I'll give this a shot... sooner or later since pc gaminig isn't restricted to small computer monitors no more:)

Xfanboy3020d ago

KOTOR is multriplat? really?? NO!!

webeblazing3020d ago

kotor is an mmo we know its not mp. but you can easily see alot of devs are turning there backs on pc forgetting who got them where there at today

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byeGollum3020d ago

But who cares what bioware's Zeschuk thinks? not me anyways. This might be great "news" to some people Im guessin'

Titanz3020d ago

Pc gamers are more willing to "pay & play", than console gamers are.

Forbidden_Darkness3020d ago

Just wait until COD pay for online sunscription comes out and we'll see how many dumb console owners there are. I wont be one of them.

tdrules3020d ago

yeah right.
I've been waiting for Half Life 3 for nearly 6 years

webeblazing3020d ago

yeah that why xbox live is a huge success on pc and still have pay to play like when it first launched

Saryk3020d ago

Oh god, I guess the PC vs Console debate will start again. There are more PC’s out in the market than all consoles combined. However not all of them can play the latest and greatest, like mine, lol. To bad we can’t get one platform that plays all of games, no matter what they are….

Aphe3020d ago

I'd actually prefer it if there never was just one single platform. More choice is better than one choice.

Saryk3020d ago

How do more platforms increase more of a choice? You need to buy all consoles, a PC and all handhelds, that isn’t a choice; you’re made to buy all of these items to play the games you desire.

If there was one platform, then you could play any game you desire. Companies could create games as a bare minimum for a set industry standard of hardware. As of right now companies lose money on the console they produce and hope to make it back through rights and games made. However if there was a way by regulation for consumers to buy one game and it work on all platforms, that could be a solution. But as of right now, you don’t have a real choice.

Aphe3020d ago

I like buying those different systems, those different systems have different games that are solely on that system. If there was just one system it just wouldn't be the same.

Put it this way, I like some of the stuff that KFC sells but I prefer different things that Maccy Ds and BK sells. Actually that's a shit analogy. How about this, if everyone was the same and no one was different, would it be more interesting or pretty boring?

To have the same system would mean everyone had the same thing. I myself find that idea quite repulsive, and competition is good. If there wasn't any competition things would stagnate.

In a perfect world a single system would give you everything you would wish for, but I think it would be a terrible idea. Every system now offers you different experiences, different games. I like that myself and I don't mind buying different systems with my hard earned money, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

A single system would be a bad idea. Generic games get churned out on a large scale now, what would it be like with a single system?

Sod that, I like choice.

Arnon3020d ago

There's over 1 billion PCs worldwide right now. If only 10% of those can play games, that still leaves 100 million PCs in the world right now that can play games. I think that's quite enough for the PC market to continue to thrive.

snaileri3020d ago

the transition from retail to digital and service-based gaming has almost completely happened to PC already, and the transition will start to happen few years from now.

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